5 Tips for Moving in the Spring

There’s something about spring that propels us to make big decisions. Whether you’re finally cleaning out your attic, starting fresh with a new year (uh, season) resolution, or finally taking the plunge on upsizing/downsizing your home, spring is a time for renewal. Have you decided to relocate? Skip the costly mistakes with these 5 tips for moving in the spring.

5 Tips for Spring Relocation

  1. woman packing boxesStart early. Most Americans move in the summertime, typically between the months of May and September. Want to save on moving costs? Move during the off season.
  2. Shop around. Are you hiring a moving service? Don’t jump on the first one you find. Look online for customer reviews, call several companies to ask for quotes, and ask about the details (like what happens if they break your antique china cabinet).
  3. Love the weather. Nobody wants to haul boxes in the bitter cold or blistering heat. Take advantage of those cool, cloudy days. Just make sure to check the weather report for rain the week you plan on moving.
  4. Think about staging. If you’re selling your home, spring may be on your side. Not only does a spring move give your buyers time to get settled before summer, it will also give your home a visual boost as flowers, shrubs, and trees burst into bloom. Make sure you’ve cleaned out your yard and you’re good to go.
  5. Knockout spring cleaning. Not only will your home look better, you’ll pay less to move junk you’re only going to shove into the attic anyway. Want to make spring cleaning easier? Call Mr. Junk to haul off old appliances, furniture, and boxes of stuff.

Top 10 Unwanted Junk Items

If you’re fighting to open the garage door, it might be time to call a junk hauler. Save yourself some effort and let Mr. Junk remove these unwanted items from your to-do list.

  1. metal tubs and bucketsFurniture. Trash collectors won’t accept bulky couches, so save yourself some scratched floors by letting Mr. Junk clear away your old furniture.
  2. Appliances. Even the best appliances wear out, and refrigerators can be a challenge to remove. Not only will Mr. Junk haul away your old electrics, we’ll also make sure they make it to the proper recycling facilities.
  3. Mattresses. They’re bulky and awkward to carry, not to mention hard to fit in a car. Skip trying to give away your mattress and let Mr. Junk take it off your hands.
  4. Electronics. Broken TVs can be a hassle to carry, and even harder to dispose of safely. Luckily, Mr. Junk can take the old tube to a proper disposal facility.
  5. Carpets. Dirty or simply unwanted, Mr. Junk will remove large carpets that your local disposal won’t accept.
  6. Fixtures. Planning to remodel your bathroom? Get those heavy bathtubs, sinks, and toilets properly dismantled with the help of Mr. Junk.
  7. Office Appliances. Discarded printers and computers can leak contaminants, making them banned at many landfills. Mr. Junk can remove your office equipment in a safe, convenient way.
  8. Renovation materials. Remodeling your home can leave you with piles of drywall, lumber, and flooring. Let Mr. Junk clear away the old mess to make room for your new home.
  9. Boxes. Whether they’re leftover from a move or simply accumulated over the years, Mr. Junk can take care of cardboard filling up your garage.
  10. Yard Trash. Leaf piles and tree trimmings can be a pain to remove. Mr. Junk will clear away your yard waste and leave your lawn spotless.

Make Spring Cleaning Easier This Year

Spring cleaning. Whether you love it or hate it, no one can deny that the home feels a lot brighter after successful spring cleaning. But with so much to do, it’s easy to get lost in the madness. How can you make spring cleaning more successful? Follow Mr. Junk’s spring cleaning prep tips.

4 Tips for Pre Spring Cleaning

  1. gloved hand holding a daisyPreserve and protect. Do your kitchen floors look dingy and dull? Is the back deck more gray than gleaming? Before diving into spring cleaning, take care of big projects like refinishing the deck and sealing the floors with protective wax.
  2. Assess your mess. If your house feels cramped and cluttered, it’s time to say goodbye to some stuff. Rearrange the furniture to keep larger, visually heavy pieces away from hallways and small spaces. Get rid of stacks of magazines, useless trinkets, and closet clutter. Decide if it’s time to replace old furniture like that pea green couch from your childhood home. Assess the state of in-home carpeting to determine whether it’s adding to the general mess of your home.
  3. Do the dirty work. Normally you don’t look too closely at baseboards, walls, and vents, but it’s time to do the dirty work. Wash cabinets, walls, baseboards, and major appliances that don’t get a regular cleaning.
  4. Look up. The baseboards aren’t the only dirty places in your home. Clean light fixtures, ceiling fans, and HVAC vents above eye level.

Want to remove old furniture before spring cleaning? Call Mr. Junk junk removal services in Alpharetta.

One Love, Twice the Junk

Young couples have it easy. They get engaged after college, register for shiny new coffee makers and stackable dishes, and move on with their lives together. But if a couple has two separate homes already stuffed with stuff, the thought of merging two households is a little more daunting. Ease the burden with these tips for moving in together.

4 Tips for Merging Households

  1. Make a list. How can you start your life together on equal footing? Make a list of your must-haves (“I spent 6 weeks refinishing that dresser; it’s staying.”), your duplicate items (we promise, you don’t need an extra couch in the living room), and the furniture that could use an upgrade (joint purchases are a great way to make your new house feel like a shared home). As you work through your stuff, make compromises about what stays, what goes, and what needs refurbishing.
  2. couple in new homeConverge styles. Chances are you and your partner have different decorating tastes. Brainstorm creative ways to combine your individual tastes into something that works for both of you.
  3. Take pictures. If you’re moving into a new house, walk through the space, snapping pictures of the rooms. Sit down together and decide whose dining room table or quirky love seat would be a perfect fit for that cute corner of the kitchen. If one of you is moving into the other’s home, have a frank discussion about creating a shared space, not simply filling the gaps.
  4. Keep an open mind. Don’t throw a wrench in the works because you loathe that antique barrel table your significant other loves. Talk it out, but be willing to make a few concessions for your new home.

Don’t let the “something old” in your union be a fight about stuff. Call Mr. Junk and start your life together with a clean (or at least less cluttered) slate.

Reclaim Your Home from Renovation Debris

color swatches, paintbrushHave you been bitten by the New Year’s bug? The New Year gives us a fresh outlook on life. And what’s the first place most people go when they want to improve their home? Pinterest! If you dove headfirst into DIY projects and home renovation this year, you’re well on your way to a cleaner, more comfortable home. But beware the dangers of putting off debris clean up.

Dangers of Renovation Debris

Renovation debris is one of those things that tends to linger. We go into home improvement projects with the best of intentions, but before long scrap material has piled up in the corner of the yard to become another part of the landscape. Don’t fall into the trap. Renovation debris:

  • Decreases the curb appeal of your house
  • Kills grass and landscaping
  • Is a tripping hazard, especially in winter when snow, ice, and organic debris can cover it up
  • Becomes another stressor lingering on your to-do list

Yard Clean Up in Woodstock

So what’s the solution? You don’t have to deal with the eyesore of renting a dumpster. Just call Mr. Junk and we’ll have your discarded materials cleaned up in no time! We’re pros at cleaning up renovation debris, staying until we’ve picked up the very last nail. We’ll even stay and sweep up if your junk has made a mess of the driveway or garage.

Don’t let debris stop you from creating your dream home. Call Mr. Junk to clean up scraps from home renovation projects in Woodstock.

4 Reasons to Hire a Junk Removal Company

woman lying on couchYou’ve finally decided to get rid of that couch. You know, the one with the stained cushions, sagging springs, and lumpy stuffing that you bought for your first house. But you’re not sure what’s the best way to get rid of it. Should you haul it to the dump? Drop it by the dumpster? Park it by the curb and let trash collection take its course?

The answer is D) None of the Above. Call Mr. Junk junk removal company in Alpharetta.

4 Reasons to Hire a Junk Removal Company

  1. Save money. It may seem like wasting money to hire a company to remove furniture you could just haul off yourself. But if you dump it by the curb (or even take it to the dump yourself), you may find yourself facing unexpected fees and fines. Mr. Junk has a longstanding relationship with disposal sites around Northeast Atlanta, so we get the best price (and so do you).
  2. Reduce time and effort. Do you really want to spend your Saturday hauling furniture when you could spend it at a Braves game instead?
  3. Trust professional care. When we remove furniture from your home, we won’t dent doors or ding floors. We take special care to leave your home in the same condition we found it in (minus the junk).
  4. Give back. The Mr. Junk team is environmentally conscious. That’s why we have relationships with recycling facilities and donation centers in Alpharetta. If we can give your old stuff a fresh start, we will.

Want to get a fresh start this year? Call Mr. Junk to remove old furniture from your Alpharetta home.

A Fresh Start for Your Old Junk

You get a fresh start this year. Shouldn’t your junk?

Every year the U.S. generates approximately 220 tons of waste. Over half of that junk winds up in landfills across the country. But what if your unwanted stuff could start fresh this year?

Quick Facts about Recycling

  • recycling paper and plasticRecycling is the fastest, most effective way homeowners can improve the environment, the economy, and sustainable manufacturing
  • The U.S. recycles less than 22% of discarded materials
  • Our country generates more waste than any other country on the planet
  • Recycling generates 7-10 more jobs than waste facilities and landfills
  • Recycling conserves both fresh water and finite natural resources
  • Recycling reduces the use of fossil fuel energy and reduces CO2 emissions
  • Recyclable materials include not only paper, plastic bottles, cans, glass, and cardboard, but also electronic waste, old appliances, and even junk cars

Recycling Old Junk in Woodstock

Why should your junk be abandoned in junk yards when it has plenty of life left? Mr. Junk doesn’t just drop truckloads at the dump. We make it our goal to remove junk efficiently, but once it’s out of your home, we sort through your unwanted items to recycle or donate old stuff. This allows us to help the environment, serve our community, and give old furniture and appliances a new life.

It’s not hard to become a more environmentally conscious homeowner. Make a pledge to call Mr. Junk in 2017 and we’ll take care of your recycling and Woodstock furniture donations for you.

Best Junk Removal Blogs of 2016

2017 is officially here! We’re all for getting a fresh start this year. After all, what better time to clean out cluttered storage, haul away unwanted furniture, and upgrade your electronics? If cleaner living is one of your resolutions this year, Mr. Junk can help. Check out our top rated blogs of 2016.

Best Blogs of 2016

5 best junk blogs of 2016Moving In and Out of Self Storage: Do you have more stuff than your home can contain? Check out our tips for choosing a self-storage facility (and how to successfully clean out an old unit without incurring fees).

4 Tips for a Pre-College Room Clean Out: Are you packing up your life and moving to campus for the spring semester? Before you leave, this stuff has gotta go.

Keeping Kids Safe: Playground Removal: Every playground reaches a point where it becomes a hazard to kids. How can you safely remove old, rundown, and potentially dangerous playground equipment? Call Mr. Junk in Alpharetta.

Overcoming the Storage Monster: We’ve shared our best tips for moving into self-storage. Now we’re sharing why you should move out. Overcome the storage monster (and it’s sidekick, Clutter) with these 10 steps.

Yard Clean-Up, Debris Removal, Disaster Restoration: Old Man Winter can be a fussy friend. If he makes a mess of your Alpharetta yard, here’s how to clean it up.

You don’t have to handle your junk removal alone. Instead of paying drop-off fees to haul junk yourself, call Mr. Junk and let us take the stress (and that unwanted couch) off your hands.

A Clean Home for the New Year

2017 is almost upon us. Folks across Roswell are busy making plans to join the gym, learn a new skill, and travel to new and exciting destinations. Out with the old, in with the new! Doesn’t your home deserve a fresh start, too?

3 Strategies for a Cleaner New Year

  1. Safety first. Okay, so you overstuffed the closet and moved the armchair into the walkway. We’ve all been there, right? But before you take another step, it’s time to make your home safe for your pets, kids, and yourself. Double check carbon monoxide detectors for optimal functionality. Walk through the house, moving anything that could block your path in the event of a fire. And make certain that nothing near the oven, fireplace, or vents is a fire hazard.
  2. woman in clean living roomGo big at home. It’s easy to get caught up in the clutter, but we’re going big right from the start. Instead of dithering over which white polo shirt you want to keep, decide if it’s time to retire that scruffy old sofa from the living room.
  3. Work out a schedule. Despite your best intentions, you probably won’t clean out the entire house before New Year’s. And that’s okay. Tackle your tasks one at a time, checking them off as you go. Make sure to schedule both short-term tasks (cleaning and laundry) and long-term tasks (decluttering and reorganizing the house).

Need some help getting rid of last year’s junk? Call Mr. Junk for Roswell junk removal and home clean outs.

New Year, New You

New Year, new you. We all want to be better than we’ve been before, and the New Year offers a clean slate. The most popular New Year’s resolutions include getting healthy, getting organized, saving money, learning something new, and living life to the fullest. Did you know that a clean home can help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions? Mr. Junk of Woodstock is here to help!

4 Resolutions for a Cleaner Life

  1. happy couple in new homeGetting healthy. A good day of cleaning can burn calories, reduce home allergens, and encourage you to be more active by getting rid of emotional weight in your home.
  2. Getting organized. It’s easy to see how cleaning the house can help you live a more organized life. But did you know that decluttering the house helps with mental organization, too? Living a more minimal life reduces stress, helps you stay on task, and can actually restructure the brain to be more organized. Now that’s a whole new you!
  3. Saving money. Self-storage is a $2.5 billion dollar industry in the U.S. That’s a lot of useless stuff!  It’s also not uncommon for homeowners to own several of the same item simply because they can’t find the old one. Save your wallet the heartache and get rid of junk in Woodstock with a little help from Mr. Junk.
  4. Learning something new. Ready to take up a new hobby, read a new book, or learn a new language? You’ll need room for that. Decluttering the house clears the mental cobwebs and gives you extra closet space for those 15 books on speaking Italian.

Mr. Junk can help you reach your New Year’s resolutions for the home. If you need some experienced hauling hands this year, give us a call.