3 Reasons to Clear Unromantic Clutter

Unlike Christmas and birthdays, Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday about unnecessary gifts. Valentine’s Day presents won’t junk up your closets because they’re small, focused, and usually edible. But that’s no excuse to let your home organization slide this week. Here are 3 reasons clutter-free closets and cars are crucial for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

  1. junk and romanceClean living makes a good impression. If it’s early in the dating game, a car brimming with junk may scare off your date. Before you reveal those hard-to-get dinner reservations or unveil that perfectly presented home cooked meal, clean up the visible clutter in your car’s backseat and sort through the stuff piled up on your dining room table. Recycle junk mail, rearrange kitchen supplies, and box up items you no longer need.
  2. It proves that you care. If you’re past the newlywed stage, you know that marriage is about the little things. Your spouse may love the expensive watch, theater tickets, and chocolates you bought, but an organized home will make the night perfect. Clean out the garage, organize the home office, and toss renovation debris collecting dust in the tool shed. You’ll have breathing room to enjoy your evening, and the unexpected reprieve from weekend cleaning will make your spouse feel truly loved.
  3. You never know what you’ll find. Still hunting for the perfect piece of Valentine’s jewelry or a sentimental snapshot to slip into your card? Chances are the perfect gift is hiding in your attic. Dust off your family heirlooms and dig through boxes of memories. Your significant other will cherish the history of your Valentine’s Day present, and you might get some spring-cleaning done while you’re at it.

Let Mr Junk haul away old boxes, dilapidated furniture, and tool shed junk so you can focus on making Valentine’s Day meaningful.

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