4 Things Everyone Keeps (and Shouldn’t)

We all have things we cling to. More often than not, the more useless something is, the harder it is to get rid of. While it’s natural to cling to family heirlooms or expensive presents, it’s just as common for folks to hang onto paid bills and unread books. So what are the most common items we keep (but should be throwing away)?

4 Home Items to Purge Right Now

  1. stacks of booksBooks. We know, we know. If you throw away books, you’re likely to get barred from the house. Books are an inexhaustible source of adventure, history, and emotional exploration. But do you really need that copy of How to Avoid Huge Ships? If you can’t handle throwing it out, pack it away for donation. Just get it off your bookshelf!
  2. Old bills and documents. Yes, there are some documents that are definitely worth the storage space. Keep tax statements, real estate records, and receipts for major purchases. But if you have a file cabinet of receipts for trips to the grocery store, you have a problem. Some documents can be tossed immediately, and you only need others for a set amount of time. If you’re worried about losing important papers, make a digital copy first.
  3. “Someday” clothes. Are you holding onto clothing for when you lose weight, have time to dress up, or move to a warmer climate? It’s time to be honest with yourself: if and when that happens, you’ll have outgrown the style anyway. Don’t waste space dreaming of the future. Live in the present (and an organized present at that).
  4. Vitamins and meds. Do bottles cascade from the shelf every time you open the medicine cabinet? We tend to think pills have an endless shelf life, but if you didn’t use all of your pain meds when you got that root canal, there’s no point in holding onto them. Google the proper disposal methods for medications and toss old vitamins in the trash.

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Health Dangers of a Cluttered House

Think your cluttered home isn’t affecting anything but your mother’s frown? Think again! Studies show that a cluttered house has some serious ramifications on people’s physical and mental health.

7 Ways Junk Hurts Your Health

  1. It makes you late. Are you always hunting for your keys, your shoes, and important paperwork before you head out the door? Clutter is the undeniable culprit. Minimize the mess and get to work on time!
  2. It causes stress. The correlation between mess and stress is all in your head. But that doesn’t mean it’s not real! Studies have found a link between high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) and a messy house. It can affect mental health, emotional health, and overall happiness.
  3. It’s bad for your brain. Clutter doesn’t just cause stress. It also damages neural processors in the brain, makes it difficult to focus, and decreases performance levels.
  4. woman sneezing into tissueIt costs money. Not only are you probably paying more for storage and home energy expenditure, chances are high that you’ve overlooked an important bill amidst all that mess. And nobody likes paying late fees!
  5. It gives germs free reign. If you can’t see your counter, how can you clean it? Germs collect in crevices in the kitchen, bathroom, and other living spaces, and clutter only makes it worse.
  6. It worsens allergies. Junk attracts dust like a magnet. And the more junk you have sitting on the carpet, the more pet dander, pollen, and other allergens will grind into the fibers and stay for good.
  7. It attracts pests. Pests like dark, damp spaces, preferably full of crumbs or cardboard to make a meal. When was the last time you moved boxes of junk and didn’t find spiderwebs, roach dust, or other signs of vermin? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

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5 Habits of Organized People

What do your habits say about how organized your home is? You may think that organized people are the ones who know their way around an Excel spreadsheet and always bring a list to the grocery store, but the truth is that developing an organized lifestyle is about revamping your thinking. Adopt these habits of organized people.

5 Habits of Organized People

  1. organizerUse tools. Tools can save time, help with organization, and remind you of crucial tasks. Use kitchen organizers to keep your pantry mess-free, replace old appliances that are causing you more work, and download apps or set smartphone reminders to keep you on task for the day.
  2. Set priorities. Yes, you want an organized linen closet, but shouldn’t you take care of the foyer first? Know which tasks can be delayed and which need accomplishing ASAP.
  3. Have less stuff. The less you have, the easier it is to stay organized. Clutter-free people aren’t the ones with more time to clean up, but the ones who only keep the things they need. Keep what’s crucial and eliminate the clutter.
  4. Maintain your lifestyle. If you view organization as a once-a-year necessity, it’s no wonder the junk piles up! Organized people understand that picking up a little every day means clutter can’t pile up and take over your life. Dedicate a few minutes each day to organizing mail, dirty dishes, and other organization you may want to put off for later.
  5. Purge your closets. You maintain neatness daily. That’s all that matters, right? Nope. Situations change, people outgrow things, and you’ll need to sort through your stuff regularly to eliminate the stuff you no longer need.

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What Kind of Junk Collector Are You?

Are you a practical junk collector, or a sentimental junk collector? When you walk into a room, all clutter may look the same. But categorizing clutter is the first step in overcoming the mess.

Practical Clutter

We all have a junk drawer filled with expired coupons and safety pins, a closet of clothes we’ll “fit into one day,” and a garage full of DIY materials for those someday projects. But how much of that stuff is actually useful? It’s easy to tuck something away because you’re sure you’ll need it one day. But if one day never comes, that useful stuff becomes junk. It’s time to sort through your tools, materials, and fixer uppers to determine what’s actually practical, and what’s gotta go.

Sentimental Stuff

model car collectionWe’ve all been there. You know that box of memorabilia isn’t useful, but when you go to throw it out, you’re tugged down memory lane. You feel guilty when you try to donate your late Grandmother’s collection of antique plates, even though you have no use for them. And isn’t it rude to regift? Getting rid of sentimental clutter is hard, but it can be done. Instead of boxing up everything at once, sort through items a category at a time. Some stuff may fetch a few bucks on Ebay, but chances are there’s a lot of junk in your collection. First find heirlooms a new home. Then call us so you can rest assured that every item that can’t be donated will be recycled.

Whether you’re hauling boxes of stuff, old and battered furniture, or high quality items that need a new home, Mr. Junk has your clutter covered. Call today to schedule junk removal in Kennesaw.

Where Does Your Old Junk Go?

We don’t know where junk comes from, and we don’t know what happens to it when it’s gone. Junk piles grow and grow until you finally call the pros for reinforcement. But what happens to your stuff after Mr. Junk hauls it away?

Where Does Your Junk Go?

Most items we pick up have plenty of life left. We’re dedicated to making the best choices for our community, whether that means giving you superior customer service or making sure your junk goes to a good home. We donate items to charity whenever possible, so your old stuff goes to someone who will truly appreciate it.

Recycling in Marietta

As much as we’d love to, we can’t donate everything. If your unwanted items can’t be donated to charity, where does it go?

  • Electronics: Recycling electronics is best left to the pros. Many TVs and monitors contain toxic chemicals, so they must be dismantled carefully. Once broken down, each part of the electronic is divvied up and shipped off for reuse.
  • mattresses piled on bedRefrigerators: If your old refrigerator, freezer, or HVAC unit can’t be used by someone else, we’ll make sure it winds up at the proper recycling facility. What happens then? First the coolant chemicals are removed. Then, if the rest of the appliance is in good condition, it will be refurbished into a useable unit. If not, the appliance is broken down and the parts are recycled individually.
  • Mattresses: It may not have any lumbar support left, but that old mattress is still worthwhile. The metal springs will be removed, crushed together, and reused. The foam can be reused in carpeting, and mattress fabric and wood are both recycled as well. Every part has its purpose!

Ready to get rid of your old stuff? Give it a new chance at life! Call Mr. Junk to remove appliances, electronics, and other junk from your Marietta home.

How to Throw a Garage Tailgate

With the Braves in full swing, Atlanta United kicking off their opening season, and SEC football just months away, there’s no better time to prep for a tailgate. Spacious, shady, and just steps from every snack you could imagine, garages are the perfect place to host a tailgate . . . once you get rid of the junk, that is! Transform your garage into the ultimate tailgate location with these tips from Mr. Junk.

How to Plan a Garage Tailgate

  1. Overhaul your garage. We know, we know. You’ve been meaning to clean out the garage since last summer, but the time was never right. No more excuses! A garage tailgate is just what you need to get your rear in gear. Sign a team of all stars to help you sort through junk in the garage. Reorganize sporting equipment, store gardening equipment in the shed, and get rid of all that extra stuff.
  2. Park outside. If your garage was overflowing with junk, you may already park on the street. If not, move the cars outside.
  3. football cracker snacksInvest in the good stuff. There are two things no tailgate can do without: food and drinks. Make your menu, set up your food stations, and stock the fridge with plenty of beer and soda. Ask your friends to bring along some snacks to share, and you’re good to go!
  4. Show team spirit. We’re talking team jerseys, paper plates with logos (easy cleanup + unbeatable team spirit = major win), and anything else that will add excitement to the afternoon. Show off that team pride!

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A Dependable Price on Junk Removal

Are you tired of working with junk removal companies who tack on extra fees? You should be able to budget home maintenance without fear. Mr. Junk is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We show up when we say we will, do the job for the agreed upon price, and leave the place looking better than we found it!

Request a Quote from Mr. Junk

Did you just buy a new couch, replace a broken appliance, or knock out spring cleaning? Mr. Junk helps you haul away yesterday’s leftovers. We’re a full service junk removal company in Marietta who can handle any job, from removing a stained coffee table to doing a whole home clean out. And we’re the most affordable service in town! How can you determine how much junk removal will cost?

  • Junk Removal Services Atlanta, GAUse our How We Price tool. We don’t charge extra for time or labor. Instead, we determine rates based on how much junk ends up in our truck bed. By estimating how much junk you have, you can get an idea of how much the job will cost. Like the price? Schedule a junk removal job over the phone.
  • Call Mr. Junk. You can talk to our of our junk removal pros for a professional opinion.
  • Request a quote online in just a few minutes! Let us know who you are, what junk you need removed, and how you heard about us. We’ll get back to you promptly.

It can sometimes be difficult to gauge an exact price over the phone. That’s why we’re happy to send an assessment team to your home to determine a final price. Like what they quote? They come prepared to dig in on the spot!

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Are There Critters Hiding in Your Clutter?

What critters are hiding in your clutter? Chances are your junk closet is home to more than just guilt. Clear away the clutter to keep your home pest-free.

3 Ways a Messy House Attracts Pests

  1. Backyard clutter. Do you have piles of leaves, stacked firewood, or other organic debris littering your yard? Those dark, wet piles of detritus attract more than just mildew. Pest like insects, scorpions, and snakes may be hiding in your outdoor junk. Don’t worry, Mr. Junk can clear away the clutter in no time!
  2. rat in wooden boxAttic storage. Do you have to dodge teetering stacks of boxes anytime you enter the attic? Pests are probably hiding behind those boxes and bags of accumulated junk. Attic spaces are dark, quiet, and close to food sources. Cardboard boxes also make comfy nests for rats and other rodents. Clean out your attic and say “so long” to storage place squatters.
  3. Crumbs and kitchen clutter. Ants and roaches tend to invade the kitchen. Why? Crowded cabinets are cluttered with pots, pans, and extra plates, giving them a dark place to hide. Crumbs on the counter, trash in the garbage, and open boxes in the pantry give insects a ready meal. And in the kitchen pests are never far from a water source. Keep pests out of the kitchen by decluttering cabinets, wiping down the counters, and taking the trash out every day.

Cleaning out clutter is the best way to prevent a pest problem. Need some help? Call Mr. Junk to remove furniture, boxes, and miscellaneous junk from your home in Roswell.

5 Spring Cleaning Hacks That Make All the Difference

Alright, let’s be real. Spring cleaning has gotten a bit stale. Not if we have anything to say about it! Use these spring cleaning hacks to make your home sparkle this year.

5 Best Spring Cleaning Hacks

  1. Water stains. Is your faucet, showerhead, or other bathroom fixture spotted with water stains? Cut a lemon in half and use the inside to scrub away water stains.
  2. Water rings. A hair dryer will evaporate water stains from wooden surfaces. Condition the surface afterwards with a quick swipe of olive oil.
  3. Grimy door tracks. It’s one of those things you never notice . . . until you do, and then you never stop noticing. Soak a rag in vinegar and use it to clean door tracks. The grime will practically melt away!
  4. princess and the peaMattresses. Do you feel like the Princess and the Pea, tossing and turning all night? It may be because of odors embedded in your mattress. Clean it quick with a solution of vodka in a spray bottle. You can add a few drops of essential oils to give it a springtime fresh scent. Just spray the mattress and let it air dry to kill the odors causing your sleepless nights.
  5. Crown molding. Wrap a towel around the bristles of your broom and secure with twine or a rubber band. Voila! A malleable, long-handled cleaning tool to banish dust in no time flat.
  6. HVAC vents. Even cleaning tools created specifically for vents don’t always work. But don’t worry, there’s an easy solution! Wrap a thin rag around a spatula or butter knife. Your vents will be dust-free in minutes.

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5 Hacks for Spring Cleaning the Kitchen

Your kitchen sees a lot of use, most of it messy. Sick of the grime? Make your kitchen glisten with these spring cleaning kitchen hacks from Mr. Junk.

5 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

  1. A lemony-fresh kitchen sink. Does your sink stink? Here’s the solution: get an ice cube tray and fill it with sliced lemons. Fill the leftover space with vinegar. Stick the tray in an out-of-the-way area of the freezer. Every time your garbage disposal smells particularly putrid, you can drop a cube down the sink, run the disposal, and wait for the lemony-fresh scent to waft up toward your nose.
  2. Scrub your sink (round 2). Take 2 on the citrus and neutralizer cleaning method: slice a lemon or lime in half and coat it with baking soda. Scrub away!
  3. french fries in cast iron skilletCleaning cast iron. Soap and a sponge is death to a cast iron skillet. So how are you supposed to clean it? Pick up a shaker of coarse salt from the grocery store. Shake a generous amount into the skillet, then use a rag or soft sponge to scrub. To make your cast iron gleam (and improve the nonstick factor), season your skillet when you’re done.
  4. Play with your food. How can you clean artwork (in the kitchen or elsewhere) without damaging the canvas? Cut a bagel in half and use the soft side to gently rub the surface of your paintings. Weird, but it works.
  5. Clean your dishwasher. Does your dishwasher have soap scum, leftover food particles, or a generally grimy look? Clean it before reloading the dishwasher. Put a cup of vinegar in a dishwasher safe container on the top shelf. Run it on the highest temperature, then sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the dishwasher and run it again.

Has your spring cleaning unearthed faulty kitchen appliances, duplicate bakeware, or kitchen clutter? Call Mr. Junk to haul away old kitchen equipment so you can get a fresh start on meal prep.