5 Habits of Organized People

What do your habits say about how organized your home is? You may think that organized people are the ones who know their way around an Excel spreadsheet and always bring a list to the grocery store, but the truth is that developing an organized lifestyle is about revamping your thinking. Adopt these habits of organized people.

5 Habits of Organized People

  1. organizerUse tools. Tools can save time, help with organization, and remind you of crucial tasks. Use kitchen organizers to keep your pantry mess-free, replace old appliances that are causing you more work, and download apps or set smartphone reminders to keep you on task for the day.
  2. Set priorities. Yes, you want an organized linen closet, but shouldn’t you take care of the foyer first? Know which tasks can be delayed and which need accomplishing ASAP.
  3. Have less stuff. The less you have, the easier it is to stay organized. Clutter-free people aren’t the ones with more time to clean up, but the ones who only keep the things they need. Keep what’s crucial and eliminate the clutter.
  4. Maintain your lifestyle. If you view organization as a once-a-year necessity, it’s no wonder the junk piles up! Organized people understand that picking up a little every day means clutter can’t pile up and take over your life. Dedicate a few minutes each day to organizing mail, dirty dishes, and other organization you may want to put off for later.
  5. Purge your closets. You maintain neatness daily. That’s all that matters, right? Nope. Situations change, people outgrow things, and you’ll need to sort through your stuff regularly to eliminate the stuff you no longer need.

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