Donate Old Toys in Atlanta this Holiday Season

Toy DonationAt Mr. Junk, we know a thing or two about clearing out old stuff. But we also love giving back in our Atlanta community during the holidays. We’ve found that a huge part of clearing and organizing your space is letting go of things that you don’t need. But the things you don’t need could be treasures for a family who has less.

Check out some of the great local charities around Atlanta that you can donate to this holiday season and once you’ve given away everything you can, give us a call to haul away the rest!

  • Atlanta Children’s Shelter – This charity is all about the kids and provides free day care and education as well as support for the entire family. They have helped nearly 8,000 children and over 5,000 families over the span of 30 years and they would love your help this year. Check out their donation and volunteer information this holiday season.
  • Clark’s Christmas Kids Toy DriveThis annual event partner’s with Atlanta’s own Clark Howard and the Georgia Department of Family and Children’s Services to gather up toys for foster children and other youngsters who don’t have the resources to get any presents during the holidays.
  • Donation Town – Donation Town provides a list of local charities where you can donate old toys for kids in our community. Visit to find a list of charities in Atlanta that will take all the things that don’t get played with in your home anymore. It’s a great way to find new homes for those old toys and bring a smile to a child’s face.

Prepping Your Home For Winter

The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are beginning to change, and we’re switching out our shirts for sweaters. Fall is also a great time to do some home improvement projects and prepare your house for the winter.

With so many holidays and weather events to prep for, we have gotten together a list of the most important projects to focus on.

Here is your fall home maintenance checklist:

  1. Care for trees and shrubsFall Leaves Stuck In Gutter
  2. Rake leaves
  3. Clean gutters and downspouts
  4. Make exterior repairs
  5. Seal gaps where critters could enter
  6. Check walkways, railings, stairs and the driveway for winter safety
  7. Stock up on winter supplies (snow shovels, ice scrapers, ice melt, etc.)
  8. Shut off exterior faucets
  9. Add weatherstripping
  10. Check safety devices
  11. Remove window A/C units
  12. Clean dryer vents
  13. Deep-clean the kitchen
  14. Conduct energy audit
  15. Schedule a chimney cleaning and heating system maintenance

When cleaning gutters, clogged gutters, holes or gaps, rusty spots, detached gutters or downspouts, missing downspouts and new screens/strainers all need to be handled differently. This can be overwhelming but you can care for each without the help of an expensive professional.

With services from yard clean out to dumpster rental, we can help with many of your winter preparations. Our yard debris removal includes yard clean outs, disaster preparation/debris removal, yard debris and leaf removal, and construction debris removal. We have no minimum pickup fee and our pricing is based on how full the truck is. We service homes and businesses across Alpharetta, Canton, Kennesaw, Marietta, Roswell and Woodstock.

We are also committed to helping the environment, recycling over 75% of the materials we remove as well as donate usable items to the needy.

When preparing for the winter months ahead, keep Mr. Junk in mind for all of your removal needs.

Tips for Keeping Kids Organized this School Year

cluttered toysAt Mr. Junk, we know a thing or two about keeping getting rid of the clutter. If you’re starting to find that your home is getting overrun by junk in Roswell, Alpharetta, Woodstock, Canton, Kennesaw, Marietta, or the Atlanta Metro Area, we can help!

It’s important for kids to have a clean and organized space to play, learn, do their homework, read, and be creative. But we also know how quickly the mound of toys can add up. If it’s starting to feel like an avalanche of plastic toys has hit your home, there are some tips for clearing things out that can help you, your kids, and your home stay more organized.

Take an Inventory

Between birthdays, holidays, and moments of weakness in the toy aisle, the amount of toys and clutter when you have kids can be a little baffling. So when you can’t handle the mess anymore, start by taking inventory. Lay out all the toys and sit down with your kids to decide which toys are really important and which ones they’re ready to let go of. Keeping just the favorites will teach your child about compromise, prioritizing, and organization.

Donate Old Toys

Once you’ve made different piles and have figured out what stays and what goes, it’s time to figure out how to get rid of the toys in the throwaway pile. Donating toys is a great way to clear them of your home by giving them a second chance with another kid! It’s a win-win that gives your little one a better-organized space to focus on schoolwork and gives a child in need a chance to own toys they might not otherwise have to opportunity to play with.

However, there is always the pile of old or broken toys that can’t be kept or donated. That’s when it’s time to call Mr. Junk. We don’t have a minimum pickup fee, our prices are always fair, and we’re dedicated to getting the job done right.

Keep or Toss? Pro Tips for Knowing What to Get Rid Of

Cluttered tool bench in dark garageRemoving clutter is a lot more important than just making your home or business look nice. Purging unnecessary junk, decluttering, and organizing your space is literally good for your health!

If you’re struggling to know what to keep and what to get rid of, then check out these pro tips.

When to Keep It

William Morris said it best, “If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” When you’re trying to decide if an item is worth keeping, ask yourself: Is it useful … and do I actually use it? Is it irreplaceable? Is it rare? Is it a family heirloom? Do you just love it? If it checks any or all of those boxes, hang on to it!

When to Toss It

  • If you haven’t used it in months or years, then it’s time to let go.
  • Get rid of the broken stuff! (Are you really going to fix it? How long has it been like that?)
  • Does it only serve one specific purpose that you rarely need? We’re lookin’ at you, avocado slicer and old electronics.
  • Are you hanging on to it out of guilt? From clothes that don’t fit to tools you never used, let go of the guilt and donate them so someone else can enjoy! Turn a negative feeling into a positive one, and free up more space in your house or office for things you truly need, or just more room to breathe! 

Stop carrying around the mental weight of all that junk! Call Mr. Junk, the #1 full-service junk removal in Atlanta. You’ll love the newfound space in your home or business after we’ve hauled away your junk.

How to Safely Get Rid of Electronics

old TVThese days, it’s almost impossible to keep up with advancements in technology. As soon as you pick up the newest gadget, an even newer one comes out. Just because tech is advancing at crazy speeds doesn’t mean you won’t try to keep up! But what are you supposed to do with old electronics if you don’t want to see them in a landfill?

Recycling your old plasma TVs, cell phones, and other outdated electronics is easier than you might think. Check out some recycling options in the Greater Atlanta area including calling Mr. Junk for all your junk removal needs.

  • Try selling your old TV or cell phone through online classified apps. This will keep your electronics out of the trash and even get you a few extra bucks.
  • Donations are a great way to give away your old electronics to help someone in need. Plus, you can usually get a tax write off. Just make sure the TV is still in working order!
  • Contact some local electronics repair shops to see if they buy old televisions and other electronics for parts or refurbishment.
  • Call the store you plan to buy your new television from and ask if they have a recycling program. Most big electronics stores will take your old cell phones and televisions and have them recycled properly.
  • Call Mr. Junk and ask us about the proper way to dispose of old electronics in your area. We cover the entire Atlanta metro area and will haul and recycle your old TV sets and other large electronics for you.

At Mr. Junk, we can handle all of your junk removal needs. From old televisions to furniture and full-home clean outs, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today to find out more about our services and pricing!

3 Tips to Consider While Cleaning Out the Garage

cleaning the garageSummer is often thought of as a time to start on summer projects around the house, but you’ll need a clean work space for that in your garage. After you’ve cleaned out your garage to make room for a work space, give Mr. Junk a call to get rid of the junk. Check out these tips to maximize your time while cleaning out the garage:

Set Aside Enough Time

Many people try to tackle huge projects in a short amount of time. But, if you have a big garage (or a small garage that’s super cluttered), you will need ample amount of time to go through everything. If you have a spouse and kids, make it a family cleaning project! Assign roles to everyone to maximize time and efficiency.

Sort Into Piles

Bring everything out into an open space – the lawn or driveway works great. Now, it’s time to sort every piece of clutter into its appropriate pile: keep, donate, throw away, and sell. Be picky about what you choose to keep! Ask yourself “Do I really need this? Will I use this in the future?” If the answer is no, set it in one of the three other piles. This will help eliminate your clutter substantially!

Call Mr. Junk

Many homeowners put big items in their garage such as lawn mowers, bicycles, and desks. If you choose to get rid of such big items, it’s likely that your garbage man won’t collect them. That’s where we come in. Let the Mr. Junk team take your clutter off your hands! Our service areas include Alpharetta, Canton, Kennesaw, Marietta, Roswell, and Woodstock.

Contact Mr. Junk with any questions you have!

3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Mattress

mattressDid you know that the quality of a mattress decreases significantly after 10 years of use? Some mattresses that aren’t regularly rotated and cared for only last about five years. If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably sleeping on a mattress that’s over five-years-old. But, when is the right time to replace your mattress?

Consider these signs as hard evidence that your mattress is robbing you of a good night’s sleep:

You Wake Up Feeling Horrible

Whether it’s an aching back or hurting hip, your body communicates to you when something is wrong. If you’re constantly waking up with aches and pains, your body is asking for a new mattress! The right mattress will leave you waking up with a body that feels great.

Your Mattress is Uneven

If your mattress begins to sag or you’re constantly rolling to the middle involuntarily, your mattress is probably uneven. This happens over time and with constant use, but it’s still a sign that your mattress needs to be replaced. Your new mattress should have no sagging areas or dents.

You Wake Up Frequently

A person’s brain and body need roughly seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. During our sleep cycles, the body and brain are recharging and processing the previous day’s events. If you are constantly tossing and turning because of an uncomfortable mattress, you are not getting much-needed sleep that is crucial to ensure good health.

Is it time to replace your mattress and get rid of unnecessary clutter? If so, contact the Mr. Junk team today!

Do I Need To Keep This Thing?

There’s no putting it off any longer–it’s definitely time for spring cleaning. That means no more excuses about decluttering! Time to get into the nooks and crannies of your home and get rid of your unwanted items.

When people get down to decluttering, a common question comes up: “How do I decide what to keep?” That’s a great question! Mr. Junk is here to help answer it, and help with all your decluttering and junk removal needs in metro Atlanta.

First of all, ask yourself a very important question: “Do I use this?” Not “Do I think I’ll use this.” Be honest with yourself. When was the last time you used this particular item? If you can’t immediately answer that question, or it was more than a few years ago, consider giving it the old heave-ho.

Toss Items That:

  • Are broken beyond your ability/time available to repair them
  • Are duplicates (how many coffee mugs do you need, really?)
  • You can’t identify
  • Don’t fit
  • Are in the way (or find a better place for them)
  • You’re only keeping because you think you should (it’s ok to get rid of unwanted gifts. Really!)

Keep Items That:

  • You use regularly (daily, weekly, or seasonally)
  • Make you feel truly joyful (you don’t have to get rid of your photographs and memorabilia!)
  • Have a place (and no, “in a box” does not count as a place, unless they’re seasonal items in storage)

Decluttering can seem overwhelming, but don’t panic. Remember, you don’t have to handle the junk-hauling yourself! Contact Mr. Junk for a free quote and save yourself the hassle.

Don’t Keep That Old Landscaping Equipment!

Can you feel it? Spring is almost here. As you turn to garages, sheds, and other storage units to pull out landscaping equipment, it’s not uncommon to realize that a lot of it us in need of replacement. Now is a great time to upgrade so you’ll be ready for all the spring and summer lawn chores, but what do you do with your old landscaping equipment?

First of all, why would you want to upgrade? Newer equipment, especially lawn mowers and trimmers and the like, is more efficient and thus better for the environment. Gas powered lawn mowers are big polluters, so the more efficient you can be the better! Not only that, but sharper blades, better engines, and more advanced technology mean you’ll have less work to do, use less power, and save yourself time and energy.

Now, how to get rid of your old lawn equipment? You could always sell it, whether at a garage sale or online. On the plus side, you could make a little money. On the other hand, you’ll have to manage transportation, and online selling can be a hassle. For the easiest solution, just call Mr. Junk to haul your old landscaping tools away. Not only will we sweep up after ourselves, but we’ll make sure to donate or recycle whatever can be donated or recycled before we throw anything away. We can even take yard debris while we’re at it! Give yourself more space to work and enjoy your yard this spring and summer and contact Mr. Junk for junk removal in metro Atlanta today!

Why DIY? Call Mr. Junk Instead!

It’s popular to tackle a lot of home projects on a DIY basis nowadays, but there’s something to be said for hiring professionals. That’s especially true when it comes to junk removal! Check out the top reasons to hire Mr. Junk to remove your unwanted stuff rather than hauling it yourself:

stressed woman

  • Save Your Back. Improperly lifting heavy objects is a major source of back injury, which makes DIY hauling a quick way to find yourself in a lot of pain! Leave the heavy lifting to us this time. 
  • Don’t Worry About Anything. We’ve been doing this a long time, and we have the Yelp reviews and customer testimonials to back up our expertise. You’re already taken the time to go through all your stuff–now let us do the rest of the work. We’ll even sweep up after ourselves!
  • Be Kind to the Environment. When we haul away your junk, we don’t just trash it. We carefully sort through everything and donate or recycle every piece that we can before ever tossing anything. Your junk won’t just take up space in a landfill–it might make someone else’s life a little easier, or be used to make something new. We can even deal safely with hazardous waste.

No matter why you call Mr. Junk, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting professional, affordable junk removal service in the metro Atlanta area. You’ll only ever pay for what we haul, so don’t hesitate! Contact us today and reap the benefits of a clutter-free home or office.