How to Rein In Clutter with Kids

There’s nothing like children to bring joy–and chaos!–into a parent’s life. At Mr. Junk, we’re big proponents of keeping tidy, but we understand that life with kids can be messy despite our best efforts. Here are some ideas on how to rein in clutter when there are kids in your home!

First things first: when you’re ready to declutter, take one room at a time, and don’t panic if the rest of the house gets a little crazy in the meantime. Check out some of our previous blogs on decluttering your attic and getting rid of all that excess paper (both things that can get especially out of hand in busy families), as well as tips for cleaning with kids.

Part of the trick to keeping a tidy home is to make sure that everything is it in its place. But if certain things don’t have a place, how can you put them away? Figure out where you set things naturally and make a space for them to live near there. For instance, if kids tend to drop their bookbags they first walk in, hang hooks for them near the door. Remember: “a pile on the desk” is not a good place! If you have an especially forgetful family, it may help you to put labels on containers so no one has an excuse not to know where things go.

If you find that you just don’t have enough space for everything, don’t forget to call Mr. Junk when you’re ready to get rid of stuff in the Metro Atlanta area!

Why Spring is the Best Time to Move & How to Get Started

movingCan you believe that the official day of spring is roughly five weeks away (March 20 to be exact)?

Spring brings showers and flowers, but it also brings new beginnings. Many people sell their home and move during the spring season, and we’re here to help!

Check out a few tips to help get you ready for your upcoming move:

Declutter Your Home

First and foremost, get rid of everything you don’t want in your new home by going ahead and decluttering your current home. Fortunately, there are simple ways to get rid of necessary items! By decluttering your home, you are ensuring a fresh start at your new home (without clutter).

Consult the Calendar

Of course, certain situations don’t allow you the pleasure of choosing when to move. But if you’re flexible with time, move when the kids get out of school in May. Experts say that early summer or late spring is the best time to move because it doesn’t add stress to a child’s schooling. This gives them plenty of time to meet new friends and get settled into their new home before the upcoming school year starts. If your kids aren’t in school, move in early spring when moving costs are slightly lower.

Ask for Help

Moving doesn’t have to be a frustrating and overwhelming ordeal. Order a dozen pizzas, and make it a party! Invite close friends and family over to help move large items and boxes into a moving truck. (For big items you don’t want to move, let the team at Mr. Junk haul them away for you!)

Contact us today to declutter before a move. We look forward to hearing from you.

How Clutter Impacts Your Mood (& What You Can Do About It)

decluttered homeResearch has proven that an excess amount of clutter in your home can be linked to stress, anxiety, and depression. When you have a clean, clutter-free home, you will feel better and be more productive. Fortunately, there are simple ways to declutter your home.

Fill a Box & Donate it

Once a month, hand out a moving box to each member of the family. Ask them to go to their room and collect toys and clothes that they don’t want or wear anymore. (You may need to help younger kids with this.) Then load all of the boxes into the car and take it to a local thrift store or charity donations center. You’ll be teaching your kids about helping others while decluttering your home!

If your item won’t fit in a box, remember that Mr. Junk provides a furniture removal service for the big pieces you don’t want laying around your home anymore.

Set Aside Five Minutes a Day

Spend five minutes a day decluttering your home. A great time is the five minutes before bed or, if you like to multitask, while you’re brushing your teeth. Walk around the house and put papers, trash, and other items where they belong. Ask your kids and your significant other to do the same! If you clean your home daily, you’ll never have to spend countless hours once a month picking up everything that has accumulated.

Communicate with Your Family

No one wants to be the only one cleaning the house – just to turn around and see it become messy again. Take time to talk with your family about keeping a clean home. You can even create a reward system for your kids to encourage them to declutter! They’ll begin to enjoy cleaning when they realize something nice comes out of it.

As always, Mr. Junk is here to haul items away for you! Contact us today with any questions you have.

3 Ways to Keep Your Home Junk-Free in 2018

how to keep a clean homeWas your New Year resolution for this year to keep a clean home? That’s a great resolution to make, since a cleaner home also contributes to better physical and mental health!

Not sure where to get started when it comes to keeping your home clean? Check out three simple ways you can keep a tidy home in 2018:

Clean Up Every Night

We know what you’re thinking: “Wait a second, I thought you said these were going to be simple resolutions?!” They are, we promise. In the beginning, cleaning up your space every single night may take a little longer than usual. However, as items begin to move and stay in their appropriate space, cleaning up every evening will take 10 minutes (tops).

This resolution can apply to your office space, as well. (We can even help if you’re looking to move office spaces!)

Eliminate Boxes

Do you have a lot of cardboard boxes lying around? Boxes take up a ton of space! Break them down, and put them out with your recycling. Or spend an afternoon rummaging through your closets and fill up those boxes with items you don’t use any more such as clothes, shoes, hats, or toys. Then take the boxes to a local thrift store!

If you’re struggling with which items in your closet you should give away, ask yourself these three questions to determine if you should keep it or donate.

Contact Mr. Junk

There are just some items too big for a cardboard box or too heavy for you to lift. Let the team at Mr. Junk haul it away for you! We remove things you don’t need like old furniture, appliances, electronics, yard waste, and more. And to make it better, there is no minimum pick-up fee.

Contact Mr. Junk today to schedule an appointment!

De-Clutter Your Mind

Having excessive clutter isn’t just a way to welcome critters into your home, it can also aggravate existing stress and anxiety. Decluttering your home will create a calmer, more peaceful environment for you and your family to enjoy. Of course, you can’t always tackle everything all at once, which is why at Mr. Junk we believe in taking things in manageable chunks. Check out our tips for simple actions to declutter your home for a clearer mind.

Start by forgiving yourself. It’s easy for clutter and anxiety to become overwhelming. Don’t sit around feeling guilty or ashamed! Remember that everyone makes mistakes, and what matters is how you choose to fix them. Take a minute to breathe before you get started.

Take your time and don’t wear yourself out. Set a timer for ten or twenty minutes, and tidy up for the whole of it. You’ll be surprised how much you can get done in such a small amount of time. Do that every day and you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve de-cluttered by the end of the week.

Next time you put on a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit or doesn’t look good, don’t put it back! Donate it so someone else can make use of it and you can have more space for clothes that you can actually wear. Socks with holes? Shoes without soles? Throw them out.

And of course, don’t forget to call Mr. Junk! We’ll handle your junk in an environmentally-friendly way, and we’ll even sweep up after ourselves.

Moving Your Office? We Can Help!

Is there anything more stressful than moving your company to a new office? Not only do you have to organize and manage the relocation, you also have to keep the actual work going while the office is in flux! Mr. Junk has some ideas to make things easier. Check out our tips for a more efficient office move.

  • Schedule Smart. Plan the relocation during the least busy season for your company, and if possible, plan the actual moving day for when the office is closed. And when you’re estimating how much time it will take, remember: moving is crazy! Give your company plenty of time to account for unexpected delays.
  • Assign Teams. If you’re handling parts of the move in-house, be specific about assignments. You don’t want ten people to think they’re in charge of unpacking, while nobody is keeping track of the moving van! Make sure that everyone can access the to-do lists and important contact numbers.
  • Go Home! As much as possible, make sure that employees have the capability to work remotely during the actual move. This will give your employees and the movers the space to work uninhibited, and keep your employees free of distractions.
  • Hire Mr. Junk. For anything that’s not making the trip, contact Mr. Junk for a free quote. You only pay for what we haul, we focus on donating and recycling before trashing anything–and we’ll sweep up after ourselves!

It’s never too early to start planning for a move, and that’s doubly true when moving your office. Call Mr. Junk today, and don’t forget to pack the coffee maker!

Dump Your Junk and Start Fresh in 2018

junk and boxes in living room

Each New Year brings an opportunity to let go of the past and start fresh. What better way to start anew than clearing out clutter from your home? Whether you need to clear a pathway through your garage, clear out some space in the shed or open some room in your office, creating a more tidy living space can do wonders for your organization and mental health.

At Mr. Junk, we can haul away the biggest or smallest piles of clutter and we serve the entire Atlanta area. Of course, it’s not up to us how much you hang on to or how much you get rid of. But we can give you a few tips for clearing your space and clearing your head this New Year.

Start Small

If you’re dealing with big clutter, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Rather than looking at the whole project at once, try starting with one room or one specific area. Focus on one room at a time and try to stay focused on the job at hand.

Make a List

The hardest part about clearing out your space is deciding what to keep and what to let go of. Try making a list of things you can’t live without, the things you like but don’t really need and the things you never use. Prioritize and make some tough decisions. You’ll be surprised what you can live without!

Call Mr. Junk

Once you’ve made the tough decisions, give us a call at Mr. Junk and set up a junk removal appointment! We’ll come to your home and take away furniture, old electronics and TVs, carpet, and all kinds of other cluttered messes. We take care of it all, big or small, no matter where you live in metro Atlanta.

Clutter in the Attic

Whether you’re unpacking and repacking decorations or sorting through things to make room for visitors, if you’re like a lot of folks, the holidays see you spending a lot of time in your attic. Now that most of the holiday chaos is over, it’s a great time to think about something you probably haven’t thought of: cleaning out the attic! Check out some tips from Mr. Junk.

IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP: When walking in the attic, only step on the floor joints. Never step between them!

  • Make Time. You’ve probably got a lot of stuff up there, and even if you don’t, the attic is a dark and potentially dangerous place to be. Plan to spend a good amount of time up there.
  • Think Safety. Protect yourself! Wear long pants, sturdy shoes, long sleeves, and a mask to protect against dust particles. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of light, so consider a hands-free option like a headlamp. Also, consider that your attic is probably much colder than your house, and dress appropriately.
  • Divide and Conquer. Since there’s so much space, and attics tend to be so inhospitable, divide it up into sections and tackle one at a time.

And finally, call Mr. Junk. After you’ve pulled the junk from your attic, do you really want to worry about sorting it before you get rid of it? At Mr. Junk we do the sorting for you! We’ll handle recycling, donating, and garbage, and we even sweep up after ourselves. Contact us for an appointment today!

Reduce Waste During the Holidays with 4 Simple Tips


It’s the holiday season, and with all those presents, big family meals, and Secret Santa gift exchanges going on right now, it’s easy to accumulate a lot more waste than usual. But there are some easy ways to reduce your holiday waste this year. At Mr. Junk, we’re sharing a few simple pointers to reduce, reuse and recycle in Atlanta, GA.

Check out the easiest ways to pile up less trash this time of year:

  1. BYOB – Bringing your own reusable bag when you go to the grocery store to pick up all those delicious holiday goodies helps reduce plastic bag usage. You can even bring your own bag when you go holiday shopping to help reduce plastic use at the mall!
  2. Save Your Ribbons and Bows – Instead of pulling off your ribbons and bows and tossing them in the trash, try saving them for next year. It’s easy to do and will even save you money down the road.
  3. Use Cloth Napkins and Table Cloths – Paper products can build up a tremendous amount of trash, fast. This year try to use cloth instead of paper. You can wash everything after the holidays are over and you’ll have far less trash than you would if you used paper products.
  4. Recycle Your Cardboard – If you’re doing as much online shopping as we are here at Mr. Junk, you’re probably noticing the cardboard boxes piling up. But did you know that cardboard is recyclable? In fact, most of your delivery materials can be recycled. So instead of tossing your boxes and plastic wrapping in the trash, break the boxes down and put them in your recycling bin.

These are some simple ways to reduce your garbage during the holidays, but we know that some trash is unavoidable. If you need a bulk pick up and waste disposal, no job is too small or too big for us at Mr. Junk. We serve the entire Atlanta Metro area and respond quickly. Give us a call for all of your junk and trash removal during the holidays!

How to Winterize Your Atlanta Home!

ice in atlanta

Summer was as fun as always and we all enjoyed the beautiful weather and amazing colors of fall, but all great things come to an end as the old saying goes. Now that winter is here, our team at Mr. Junk wants to make sure you’re ready for the colder months in Atlanta, GA.

Here are some tips from us to you to not only help you save a little money on the utility bills and stay safer during the winter season this year.

Winterizing Your Home Made Easy

  • Get Your Gutters Cleaned – if you have built-up debris in your gutters, they can clog or freeze easily. This means water can overflow and fall right at the base of your home causing foundation damage, flooded basements and more.
  • Fix Those Leaks and Drafts – Taking a little bit of time to properly seal up your home can save you tons in energy costs and will prevent water damage during those cold winter storms.
  • Get Your Fireplace Inspected – Over time, soot builds up in your chimney which can pose a significant danger to you and your home. Have a professional give your fireplace a thorough inspection before the holidays!
  • Winterize Your Landscaping – Raking leaves, trimming hedges and dialing your irrigation way back will make getting your yard in order in the spring so much easier and reduces your water bill over the winter.

Once you’ve gotten things ready for winter, Mr. Junk can help you take away any yard or house debris. We have no minimum removal so no job is too small or too big for us! We’ll get your yard cleared out so all you have to do is sit by the fire and wait for the spring to come! Give us a call today for more information.