How to Keep Critters Out of Your Crawl Spaces

The weather is finally cooling down, which is great! But as it gets chillier outside, you may find that your family members aren’t the only ones retreating into your home. That’s right–pests will happily invade your indoor spaces for shelter during the colder months. How can you keep them away from your attics, closets, and crawl spaces? rat in wooden box

  • Declutter. Rodents in particular love to live in your junk. The less junk you have, the fewer places they have to hide. Get rid of clutter and be ruthless!
  • Properly Store Food. Make sure that you’re not providing free meals to pests. Store food in rodent-proof containers, and never leave uneaten pet food out.
  • Take Out the Trash. Pests aren’t picky! The less trash there is in your home, the less pests have to eat. Take out the trash regularly and keep indoor trash cans carefully sealed. Use bungee cords if necessary. Don’t put anything past rodents!
  • Call an Exterminator. By the time you see rodents, your pest problem is well advanced. The signs of pests are also signs that you should call a professional.
  • Declutter Again! Did you really declutter last time? Do it once more, just in case. Cleaning out the attic, the crawl space, the closets, and even the drawers in your home will go a long way towards dissuading pests.

With a little extra work, you can make your home comfortable for your family, but not for mice, rats, and bugs. Don’t forget to call Mr. Junk in Metro Atlanta to haul away your unwanted stuff so they have nowhere to hide!