Ten Things to Get Rid of Right Now

Ready for a declutter challenge? There are so many things we hang on to that we don’t need. Summer is a great time to take stock, so here are ten things to get rid of right now!

  1. Clothes. You hate that sweater, can’t fit into those jeans, and never wear that coat, so why are you keeping them around? Getting rid of clothes you don’t need will cut down on laundry as well as free up closet space.
  2. Extra Toys. Teaching kids to donate unused toys will help them learn good housekeeping habits and keep toy clutter to a minimum now.linens piled up on bed
  3. Excess Utensils. If you’re constantly at war with your silverware drawer, consider paring down. How many forks do you really need?
  4. Coffee Mugs. You can only use one mug at a time, after all. 
  5. Linens. It’s good to have extra sheets on hand in case of emergencies, but there’s still a limit to how many you should keep. Consider one set for each bed, and one extra (two extra if you have young kids).
  6. Unmatched Socks. Keep solo socks in a designated sock basket for one full wash cycle, but if you haven’t found a mate for them after that, throw them out.
  7. Old Paper. Magazines, receipts, mail, flyers–once you know you don’t need them, resist the urge to hang on to them.
  8. Unread Books. Looking over your bookshelf, think about the last time you wanted to read the books there. Unless you have a copy that’s special somehow (a first edition, autographed copy, or perhaps an inscribed copy that was a gift), get rid of any book you haven’t thought about in months, and then get a library card!  
  9. Unwatched Movies. Do the same with your movies as you did with your books.
  10. Old Electronics. This includes extension cords and old phones!

When you’re ready to get rid of the excess things cluttering up your home, call Mr. Junk in metro Atlanta. We sort through everything you have us pick up, and donate or recycle as much as we possibly can.