How We Price

How much junk do you have?

Click on the truckload volumes below to see an image of it.

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How we price junk removal in Atlanta

Once our team is on-site, they’ll give you a clear estimate of your job before any work begins.

Our Atlanta junk removal pricing is based on volume – how much space your junk takes up in our truck. The price is inclusive of all labor, hauling and disposal fees. There are never any hidden fees or unexplained surcharges. You can be confident our affordable junk removal prices are competitive and explained clearly before we do any work.

Heavy construction material like concrete, gravel or dirt is more labor intensive and costly to dispose of, and for safety reasons can only be loaded one foot in depth to cover the bed of the truck.

Mr Junk recycles over 75% of the materials we remove. Mr Junk does this by donating any usable items to the needy, recycling the rest with only the remaining true junk going to the dump.

Not sure how much junk you have?

We understand. Without actually seeing your junk, it’s difficult to get an exact price over the phone or online. Don’t worry though, we are happy to send our team to size up your junk and review a final price with no obligation to you before they begin the junk removal job. Our team comes fully prepared to get started on the spot.

So book online at or call 678-MR-JUNK1 today!