3 Ways to Keep Your Home Junk-Free in 2018

how to keep a clean homeWas your New Year resolution for this year to keep a clean home? That’s a great resolution to make, since a cleaner home also contributes to better physical and mental health!

Not sure where to get started when it comes to keeping your home clean? Check out three simple ways you can keep a tidy home in 2018:

Clean Up Every Night

We know what you’re thinking: “Wait a second, I thought you said these were going to be simple resolutions?!” They are, we promise. In the beginning, cleaning up your space every single night may take a little longer than usual. However, as items begin to move and stay in their appropriate space, cleaning up every evening will take 10 minutes (tops).

This resolution can apply to your office space, as well. (We can even help if you’re looking to move office spaces!)

Eliminate Boxes

Do you have a lot of cardboard boxes lying around? Boxes take up a ton of space! Break them down, and put them out with your recycling. Or spend an afternoon rummaging through your closets and fill up those boxes with items you don’t use any more such as clothes, shoes, hats, or toys. Then take the boxes to a local thrift store!

If you’re struggling with which items in your closet you should give away, ask yourself these three questions to determine if you should keep it or donate.

Contact Mr. Junk

There are just some items too big for a cardboard box or too heavy for you to lift. Let the team at Mr. Junk haul it away for you! We remove things you don’t need like old furniture, appliances, electronics, yard waste, and more. And to make it better, there is no minimum pick-up fee.

Contact Mr. Junk today to schedule an appointment!