Recycling with Mr. Junk

At Mr. Junk we believe strongly in the importance of recycling as an important part of reducing waste. But that’s kind of vague; what exactly are the benefits of recycling, and why is it so important?

Most obviously, recycling reduces the use of natural resources, which means fewer new materials that must be mined, extracted, or created. That helps protect natural habitats. Recycling uses less energy than creating new materials, even when you include transportation costs. Recycling contributes much less to air and water pollution much less than mining, extracting, quarrying, and logging resources to make new items. Finally, recycling decreases the amount of trash that gets incinerated or sent to a landfill, saving both energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and landfill space.recycling logo around the world

We’re all trying to recycle more and declutter our homes, but how can you do both at once? Each of these tasks can feel overwhelming! The solution is simple: contact Mr. Junk in Marietta! We only charge for what we pick up, and our dedicated, professional staff will be careful and considerate in your home. We even clean up after ourselves. Once we haul your junk away, we diligently sort through everything you have us pick up, and either recycle or donate all we can. Plus, our commercial recycling contacts allow us to recycle items you may not have access to, or even think possible!

Visit our website to get a free quote today, or contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Let us prove to you that Mr. Junk is the best junk removal service in Marietta!