Are Your Appliances on their Last Legs?

Are you calling Mr. Junk every other week to haul off major home appliances? You may be wearing through appliances faster than necessary. Try these simple maintenance tips to make home appliances last longer.

How to Increase the Life of Home Appliances

  1. recycling electronicsRead the manual. Is your dishwasher leaking? Does your refrigerator sound like it has a bad cough? Does a load of laundry shake the whole house? Flip through the owner’s manual to determine whether your appliance is on its last legs, or if it simply needs a little TLC.
  2. Clean hard-to-reach spots. It’s easy to neglect vacuuming the compressor coils behind the fridge or freezer, but when dirt builds up, the appliances have to work harder to keep food cold. Keeping refrigerator coils clean of dust and debris can extend the life of your unit by years.
  3. Did you know a dirty microwave degrades faster? Leftover food particles can turn into carbon, creating sparks that can damage your microwave. Always clean up leftover food before closing the microwave to enjoy a meal.
  4. Keep your stove cooking by cleaning the burners regularly and wiping down glass-topped varieties with an appropriate cleaner every week.
  5. No one wants their AC to go on the fritz during a Georgia summer. Keep your home cool by keeping the filters clean and dusting the vents regularly.

Have a home appliance that’s more trouble than it’s worth? Call Mr Junk to haul away broken home appliances before replacing them with the newer model.