4 Things Everyone Keeps (and Shouldn’t)

We all have things we cling to. More often than not, the more useless something is, the harder it is to get rid of. While it’s natural to cling to family heirlooms or expensive presents, it’s just as common for folks to hang onto paid bills and unread books. So what are the most common items we keep (but should be throwing away)?

4 Home Items to Purge Right Now

  1. stacks of booksBooks. We know, we know. If you throw away books, you’re likely to get barred from the house. Books are an inexhaustible source of adventure, history, and emotional exploration. But do you really need that copy of How to Avoid Huge Ships? If you can’t handle throwing it out, pack it away for donation. Just get it off your bookshelf!
  2. Old bills and documents. Yes, there are some documents that are definitely worth the storage space. Keep tax statements, real estate records, and receipts for major purchases. But if you have a file cabinet of receipts for trips to the grocery store, you have a problem. Some documents can be tossed immediately, and you only need others for a set amount of time. If you’re worried about losing important papers, make a digital copy first.
  3. “Someday” clothes. Are you holding onto clothing for when you lose weight, have time to dress up, or move to a warmer climate? It’s time to be honest with yourself: if and when that happens, you’ll have outgrown the style anyway. Don’t waste space dreaming of the future. Live in the present (and an organized present at that).
  4. Vitamins and meds. Do bottles cascade from the shelf every time you open the medicine cabinet? We tend to think pills have an endless shelf life, but if you didn’t use all of your pain meds when you got that root canal, there’s no point in holding onto them. Google the proper disposal methods for medications and toss old vitamins in the trash.

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