Health Dangers of a Cluttered House

Think your cluttered home isn’t affecting anything but your mother’s frown? Think again! Studies show that a cluttered house has some serious ramifications on people’s physical and mental health.

7 Ways Junk Hurts Your Health

  1. It makes you late. Are you always hunting for your keys, your shoes, and important paperwork before you head out the door? Clutter is the undeniable culprit. Minimize the mess and get to work on time!
  2. It causes stress. The correlation between mess and stress is all in your head. But that doesn’t mean it’s not real! Studies have found a link between high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) and a messy house. It can affect mental health, emotional health, and overall happiness.
  3. It’s bad for your brain. Clutter doesn’t just cause stress. It also damages neural processors in the brain, makes it difficult to focus, and decreases performance levels.
  4. woman sneezing into tissueIt costs money. Not only are you probably paying more for storage and home energy expenditure, chances are high that you’ve overlooked an important bill amidst all that mess. And nobody likes paying late fees!
  5. It gives germs free reign. If you can’t see your counter, how can you clean it? Germs collect in crevices in the kitchen, bathroom, and other living spaces, and clutter only makes it worse.
  6. It worsens allergies. Junk attracts dust like a magnet. And the more junk you have sitting on the carpet, the more pet dander, pollen, and other allergens will grind into the fibers and stay for good.
  7. It attracts pests. Pests like dark, damp spaces, preferably full of crumbs or cardboard to make a meal. When was the last time you moved boxes of junk and didn’t find spiderwebs, roach dust, or other signs of vermin? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

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