Are There Critters Hiding in Your Clutter?

What critters are hiding in your clutter? Chances are your junk closet is home to more than just guilt. Clear away the clutter to keep your home pest-free.

3 Ways a Messy House Attracts Pests

  1. Backyard clutter. Do you have piles of leaves, stacked firewood, or other organic debris littering your yard? Those dark, wet piles of detritus attract more than just mildew. Pest like insects, scorpions, and snakes may be hiding in your outdoor junk. Don’t worry, Mr. Junk can clear away the clutter in no time!
  2. rat in wooden boxAttic storage. Do you have to dodge teetering stacks of boxes anytime you enter the attic? Pests are probably hiding behind those boxes and bags of accumulated junk. Attic spaces are dark, quiet, and close to food sources. Cardboard boxes also make comfy nests for rats and other rodents. Clean out your attic and say “so long” to storage place squatters.
  3. Crumbs and kitchen clutter. Ants and roaches tend to invade the kitchen. Why? Crowded cabinets are cluttered with pots, pans, and extra plates, giving them a dark place to hide. Crumbs on the counter, trash in the garbage, and open boxes in the pantry give insects a ready meal. And in the kitchen pests are never far from a water source. Keep pests out of the kitchen by decluttering cabinets, wiping down the counters, and taking the trash out every day.

Cleaning out clutter is the best way to prevent a pest problem. Need some help? Call Mr. Junk to remove furniture, boxes, and miscellaneous junk from your home in Roswell.

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