How to Throw a Garage Tailgate

With the Braves in full swing, Atlanta United kicking off their opening season, and SEC football just months away, there’s no better time to prep for a tailgate. Spacious, shady, and just steps from every snack you could imagine, garages are the perfect place to host a tailgate . . . once you get rid of the junk, that is! Transform your garage into the ultimate tailgate location with these tips from Mr. Junk.

How to Plan a Garage Tailgate

  1. Overhaul your garage. We know, we know. You’ve been meaning to clean out the garage since last summer, but the time was never right. No more excuses! A garage tailgate is just what you need to get your rear in gear. Sign a team of all stars to help you sort through junk in the garage. Reorganize sporting equipment, store gardening equipment in the shed, and get rid of all that extra stuff.
  2. Park outside. If your garage was overflowing with junk, you may already park on the street. If not, move the cars outside.
  3. football cracker snacksInvest in the good stuff. There are two things no tailgate can do without: food and drinks. Make your menu, set up your food stations, and stock the fridge with plenty of beer and soda. Ask your friends to bring along some snacks to share, and you’re good to go!
  4. Show team spirit. We’re talking team jerseys, paper plates with logos (easy cleanup + unbeatable team spirit = major win), and anything else that will add excitement to the afternoon. Show off that team pride!

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