Where Does Your Old Junk Go?

We don’t know where junk comes from, and we don’t know what happens to it when it’s gone. Junk piles grow and grow until you finally call the pros for reinforcement. But what happens to your stuff after Mr. Junk hauls it away?

Where Does Your Junk Go?

Most items we pick up have plenty of life left. We’re dedicated to making the best choices for our community, whether that means giving you superior customer service or making sure your junk goes to a good home. We donate items to charity whenever possible, so your old stuff goes to someone who will truly appreciate it.

Recycling in Marietta

As much as we’d love to, we can’t donate everything. If your unwanted items can’t be donated to charity, where does it go?

  • Electronics: Recycling electronics is best left to the pros. Many TVs and monitors contain toxic chemicals, so they must be dismantled carefully. Once broken down, each part of the electronic is divvied up and shipped off for reuse.
  • mattresses piled on bedRefrigerators: If your old refrigerator, freezer, or HVAC unit can’t be used by someone else, we’ll make sure it winds up at the proper recycling facility. What happens then? First the coolant chemicals are removed. Then, if the rest of the appliance is in good condition, it will be refurbished into a useable unit. If not, the appliance is broken down and the parts are recycled individually.
  • Mattresses: It may not have any lumbar support left, but that old mattress is still worthwhile. The metal springs will be removed, crushed together, and reused. The foam can be reused in carpeting, and mattress fabric and wood are both recycled as well. Every part has its purpose!

Ready to get rid of your old stuff? Give it a new chance at life! Call Mr. Junk to remove appliances, electronics, and other junk from your Marietta home.