Kitchen Organization Tips

Are you having a tough time finding the things you need just to cook a simple meal in your kitchen? Perhaps it’s time for a little organization project. The team at Mr Junk has some suggestions in this post to help you get the clutter organized in your kitchen. Once completed, you’ll once again be on your way to easily making  delicious dinners for your family.

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Catchall:  Everyone has things in the kitchen that just don’t quite fit into the drawers or maybe there just aren’t enough drawers to hold all the things you need to put away in your kitchen. One great way to fix that is to use a hanging shoe organizer in the kitchen. You can hang it on the back of the pantry door or the nearest closet door to your kitchen. Then you can store all those extra or odd shaped items and find them easily through the clear pockets on the hanging shoe organizer.

Recycle Old Hardware: You just need some old hard ware, paint, a few pieces of wood and some screws, pipe straps and you will have a convenient new way to store your kitchen utensils. Paint the wood and metal pieces in two different fun colors. Get some old hardware that you have in your storage shed or junk pile and you will soon have a handy home made utensil organizer in your kitchen. After the paint dries, screw the pipe straps into the wooden strips and hang  them on the wall or on the back of a door in the pantry. Then, simply slip utensils through the pipe straps. The utensils displayed with the new colors will add some fun to kitchen as well as a handy way to organize your useful items.

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