Give the Old to Someone New

Thanksgiving is nearly here with all the hustle, bustle, and blessings of family and friends. But Thanksgiving brings with it a consumer-driven holiday: Black Friday. While millions of Americans are fighting their friends, elbowing other shoppers, and losing lots of sleep to snag the best deals on Christmas presents, remember that there’s a safer, saner way. Instead of risking life and limb at a shopping center, do your Black Friday shopping somewhere familiar: your attic.

floral teacupsHeirloom Gifting

If you’re like most Americans, you have an entire section of storage dedicated to family junk you’re expecting to keep forever. Old furniture, vintage appliances, and boxes of books and toys sit in storage for years because they were favorites of a late relative. Instead of letting heirloom items rot in your attic, dust off that vintage bookshelf and peruse your Christmas list. Your recent college grad would love a beautifully crafted settee for her barren apartment; and she might appreciate the family history as well.

Giving Collectibles

Unable to part with your extensive collection of coins, Beatles records, or china dolls? Chances are someone in your family has a love of classics. Record the history of your collectibles, note your favorite pieces, and pass the collection to someone who can truly appreciate it.

Personal Presents

Are you hoarding a beloved-but-lonely dining room chair you uncovered at a flea market? How about that box of Daguerrotype photos that never quite went with your home décor? Passing along priceless items breathes new life into bits of your history that are currently wasting away in storage. Share a bit of yourself with your loved ones, and let them rejuvenate the precious pieces that deserve a place of prominence.

If your search for Christmas gifts leads you to irreparable tables, unusable sofas, or boxes of toys with missing pieces, call Mr Junk. We’ll donate or recycle the relics of your past, letting you focus on wrapping those future Christmas presents.

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