To Scrap, or Not to Scrap?

In a world where everything is DIY, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new project. But for some furniture, a new coat of paint isn’t enough. How can you tell if your furniture is worth fixing up? Take a look at this guide to decide if that old dresser is junk or a DIY treasure.

Furniture Upcycling Checklist

worn pianoThere are dozens of ways to update old furniture. A fresh coat of stain can take an armoire from outdated to awe-inspiring in a single afternoon, and reupholstering a worn settee could be just what it needs to live a long and happy life. But sometimes slapping on a new coat of paint isn’t enough. If your furniture hits any of these points, it’s time to call Mr. Junk.

  1. It was cheap. It may be a perfectly functional couch, but if it’s going to cost half the price of a new one to reupholster it, it’s probably time to recycle it and find something new.
  2. It’s structurally unsound. No matter how pretty it is, it’s not a good dining room chair if it deposits your dinner guests on the floor. Make sure your furniture is sturdy before claiming it as your next DIY project.
  3. It has sentimental value. If you really want to refresh your great-grandmother’s sleigh bed, we recommend calling a professional. If your home DIY goes awry, that heirloom piece may wind up in the scrap heap.

Got in over your head with this year’s spring furniture DIY? Mr. Junk has your back. Call us to haul off old furniture, no matter what stage of refurbishment it is (or isn’t) in.

Old Piano

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