Is That Furniture Worth Upcycling?

In the recent wave of DIY trends, it’s easy to put the cart ahead of the horse with junky old furniture. Pinterest, home magazines, and friends bombard homeowners with “simple DIY projects” that often wind up as more trouble than they’re worth. Before scouring garage sales for junk for your next upcycling project, use these questions to determine if old furniture is salvageable.

Questions to Ask Before Upcycling Furniture

  • old furniture - apothecary drawersWhere’s the beauty? Talented DIYers can breathe new life into even the rattiest old furniture, but you have to start somewhere. If you don’t have vision for that dingy old desk, pass it by. Chances are it will just junk up your craft room.
  • Is it structurally sound? You have a plan, now what? Test furniture for weak spots. No matter how well you transform the exterior, it’s a failed upcycling project if the furniture falls apart in 3 months.
  • Do I have a market? It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to sell the piece at a local consignment store or give it away to your best friend’s daughter, there’s no point in refinishing furniture if it’s just going to collect dust in your attic. Before starting a project make Plans A-C for getting it out of the house.
  • What’s my loss? No matter how well you plan it, no project is foolproof. Before you stock up on supplies and break out the safety gear, estimate the time, cost, and emotional investment you’ll spend on the project. You don’t want to sink in more effort than the project is worth.

Have a diamond in the rough that’s just taking up space? Mr Junk will take it off your hands. Call us to haul off old furniture that’s more trouble than it’s worth.

photo from flickr

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