Reclaim Your Home from Renovation Debris

color swatches, paintbrushHave you been bitten by the New Year’s bug? The New Year gives us a fresh outlook on life. And what’s the first place most people go when they want to improve their home? Pinterest! If you dove headfirst into DIY projects and home renovation this year, you’re well on your way to a cleaner, more comfortable home. But beware the dangers of putting off debris clean up.

Dangers of Renovation Debris

Renovation debris is one of those things that tends to linger. We go into home improvement projects with the best of intentions, but before long scrap material has piled up in the corner of the yard to become another part of the landscape. Don’t fall into the trap. Renovation debris:

  • Decreases the curb appeal of your house
  • Kills grass and landscaping
  • Is a tripping hazard, especially in winter when snow, ice, and organic debris can cover it up
  • Becomes another stressor lingering on your to-do list

Yard Clean Up in Woodstock

So what’s the solution? You don’t have to deal with the eyesore of renting a dumpster. Just call Mr. Junk and we’ll have your discarded materials cleaned up in no time! We’re pros at cleaning up renovation debris, staying until we’ve picked up the very last nail. We’ll even stay and sweep up if your junk has made a mess of the driveway or garage.

Don’t let debris stop you from creating your dream home. Call Mr. Junk to clean up scraps from home renovation projects in Woodstock.

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