Junk Your Renovation Junk

Here at Mr Junk, we know the details make all the difference. Home renovations seem like an endless list of remodeling considerations, and when you’re knee deep in paint samples, tiles and color chips may be all you can think about. Taking a few moments to prepare  your home for renovation will save  time—and a huge headache—at the end of your project.

Preparing for Renovation

Whether you live in Atlanta, Marietta, or Canton, renovation cleanup is one thing you don’t want to slip through the cracks. It may seem logical to pile your debris on the back porch, but sweeping up chunks of grout, glass, and cement chunks is far more trouble than it’s worth. Before you begin, buy some bins to separate large waste materials. For easy recycling, label your bins for glass, plastic, and trash. Next, organize your closets and drawers. Not only will it speed your cleanup process, but tossing old junk before you begin will make your new bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen feel like a whole new space. Finally, lay out a tarp to catch dust and debris that’s too small to haul. If your renovation is taking place in a living space, throw old sheets over your furniture and remove your appliances to prevent dust and grime from grinding into your daily life. Renovation dust clings to every corner, and unless you have an industrial vacuum cleaner, the tiny particles are likely to damage your machine. It’s easier to keep dust from coating your kitchen than it is to clean it up later.

renovation debris removalRenovation Cleanup

Once your room is renovated, it’s time to make it shine. After each project, it’s important to clean, spiff, and sparkle hard-to-reach areas. Focus on:

  • Cleaning walls and moldings
  • Vacuuming floors and corners
  • Vacuuming, beating, and treating curtains, mattresses, and upholstery
  • Cleaning light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Changing air filters and cleaning open vents

A little preparation goes a long way to simplifying cleanup  after your next home project. When your home renewal is complete, call Mr Junk to haul renovation debris of any size and scope.

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