5 Tips for Moving in the Spring

There’s something about spring that propels us to make big decisions. Whether you’re finally cleaning out your attic, starting fresh with a new year (uh, season) resolution, or finally taking the plunge on upsizing/downsizing your home, spring is a time for renewal. Have you decided to relocate? Skip the costly mistakes with these 5 tips for moving in the spring.

5 Tips for Spring Relocation

  1. woman packing boxesStart early. Most Americans move in the summertime, typically between the months of May and September. Want to save on moving costs? Move during the off season.
  2. Shop around. Are you hiring a moving service? Don’t jump on the first one you find. Look online for customer reviews, call several companies to ask for quotes, and ask about the details (like what happens if they break your antique china cabinet).
  3. Love the weather. Nobody wants to haul boxes in the bitter cold or blistering heat. Take advantage of those cool, cloudy days. Just make sure to check the weather report for rain the week you plan on moving.
  4. Think about staging. If you’re selling your home, spring may be on your side. Not only does a spring move give your buyers time to get settled before summer, it will also give your home a visual boost as flowers, shrubs, and trees burst into bloom. Make sure you’ve cleaned out your yard and you’re good to go.
  5. Knockout spring cleaning. Not only will your home look better, you’ll pay less to move junk you’re only going to shove into the attic anyway. Want to make spring cleaning easier? Call Mr. Junk to haul off old appliances, furniture, and boxes of stuff.

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