How to Trick People into Seeing a Bigger Room

Do you stay in a claustrophobic bubble day in and day out? Whether you live alone in a tiny apartment, with a spouse in a one bedroom home, or sleep three kids to a room, a lack of living space can affect your productivity and your mood. Moving may not be in the cards, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in a shoebox. Make a smaller home feel larger with these tips from Mr. Junk.

How to Make a Small Home Look Larger

  1. open doorDeclutter. “Out with the old” is the first step in any home makeover. Before you begin painting, decorating, and replacing furniture, eliminate items you no longer need. Sort through stacks of magazines, toss boxes of “just in case” junk, and remove furniture that no longer serves its purpose (your flat screen doesn’t need a 3-foot deep TV stand, anyway). Store junk in the closet while you renovate the house, adding as you go. At the end of your project, call Mr. Junk to carry off the items that weighed down your home spaces.
  2. Paint. You don’t have to live in a world of beige to enjoy the benefits of a larger-looking space. Keep your color palette consistent and stay away from dark or heavy colors. To truly emphasize the extra space in your home, consider painting the trim to match the walls. It draws the eye upward, making ceilings look taller than they actually are.
  3. Furniture. Find yourself lacking storage space? Make your furniture pull double duty. Instead of using an end table just as a lamp stand, pick one with a shelf for built-in storage. Pick light, airy pieces instead of heavy, solid wood tables to open up the space.

Ready to let go of the messy past? Call Mr. Junk to haul away clutter that’s junking up your small spaces.

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