Kitchen Organization Tips

Are you having a tough time finding the things you need just to cook a simple meal in your kitchen? Perhaps it’s time for a little organization project. The team at Mr Junk has some suggestions in this post to help you get the clutter organized in your kitchen. Once completed, you’ll once again be on your way to easily making  delicious dinners for your family.

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Catchall:  Everyone has things in the kitchen that just don’t quite fit into the drawers or maybe there just aren’t enough drawers to hold all the things you need to put away in your kitchen. One great way to fix that is to use a hanging shoe organizer in the kitchen. You can hang it on the back of the pantry door or the nearest closet door to your kitchen. Then you can store all those extra or odd shaped items and find them easily through the clear pockets on the hanging shoe organizer.

Recycle Old Hardware: You just need some old hard ware, paint, a few pieces of wood and some screws, pipe straps and you will have a convenient new way to store your kitchen utensils. Paint the wood and metal pieces in two different fun colors. Get some old hardware that you have in your storage shed or junk pile and you will soon have a handy home made utensil organizer in your kitchen. After the paint dries, screw the pipe straps into the wooden strips and hang  them on the wall or on the back of a door in the pantry. Then, simply slip utensils through the pipe straps. The utensils displayed with the new colors will add some fun to kitchen as well as a handy way to organize your useful items.

Remember if you discover that you have too much junk in one or more areas of your home and you also realize you don’t have the time or equipment to haul it off, call on Mr Junk Removal. If you would like to know more about our services please contact us.

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Recycled Junk For Valentines?

Have you ever wondered if you could use some of the old junk in your house for craft ideas? The team at Mr Junk decided to research some ideas for Recycled Junk for Valentines gifts this year. We love using Pinterest (an online book marking site) for ideas and inspiration. And we were thrilled when we typed in Recycled Junk Valentines  to find there were some cute pins to choose from. Here are our top two favorites.

Man Candy: Recycled Valentines Candy Box covered with duct tape filled with your man’s favorite snacks. This project takes a staple in everyone’s home duct tape, and creates a fun manly Valentine using recycled candy boxes. English: Duct Tape

Woven Heart Card: This sweet Valentine Card is made out of junk mail. This is a great way to recycle all those colorful ads everyone gets way too many of in the mail.

Cupid’s Bow and Arrow: American On-Site Portable Storage found this idea by searching for recycled valentines. Our team found a larger group of ideas to chose from with this search term and was thrilled that one of them lead us to a blog with 3 more great ideas. We picked the Cupid’s Bow and Arrow to include in our list of favorites because of the three it is the most simple. You just need tooth picks and jumbo papers clips,some paper and string.

Click on the live link on each of the ideas to find detailed instructions for each idea.  When you use your junk to recycle and make pretty Valentines out of them you are not only making a thoughtful and inexpensive  present for those you love, but you are also making the planet just a little greener. If you discover at the end of the project that you are still under too much junk to enjoy your home you can contact us for an estimate to remove it.

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Easy Projects to Get Your Home Organized

Are you looking for some easy ways to stay organized this year? Here are some Easy Projects to Get Your Home Organized from the team at  Mr Junk Removal.

Secret Storage:  One way to make unsightly storage underneath your table or desk disappear is to add a skirt around the edge that runs all the way to the floor. You will need storage bins with drawers and can even use plastic storage containers to keep the mess off the top of the tables.Once the table curtain is installed your items will be put away neatly and hidden behind a pretty piece of fabric. You can even hem the fabric in a favorite coordinating fabric for a designer look if you are handy with a sewing machine.

1882 Drafting Kit

Charging Station: You can re-purpose an old tool box or wooden box into a charging station for all the gadgets in your home. Just drill a hole in the side of the box large enough for cords or multiple cords. Place a plug strip inside the box and run the cord through the hole. Cut a board and to fit inside the box and drill holes inside the board large enough for the end of your charger cords to fit through. Run the charger cords through the holes in the board and plug them into the strip. Once you’ve plugged the strip in you can begin charging multiple gadgets all in one convenient location in your home.

 Mr. Junk will carefully remove your old furniture from your home and depending on condition, donate it to charity or dispose of it properly. Call Mr. Junk at 678-Mr-Junk1 or schedule a pickup online. We can be there same day and at a time that’s convenient for you. Contact us if you have any questions.

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Proper Refrigerator Maintenance

refrigeratorAs a successful junk removal company, we’ve had to haul away just about everything. Large and small, we’ve seen it all! And one thing that always surprises us is how often we’ve been asked to haul away items that, had they been taken better care of, probably could have had a few more years of use left in them! Refrigerators in particular are often not properly cared for, and are therefore pitched to the curb before their time.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the business, but we also appreciate getting the most out of your appliances and saving money at the same time! So, we thought we’d pass along a few tips and tricks to help make the most out of your refrigerator, and in turn keep it from landing in the JUNK pile so fast!

I’m sure most of us take time every few months to really give the interior of our refrigerator a nice clean but what about the not-so-obvious parts to your refrigerator that require the occasional TLC?

  • Coils – Whether they are on the backside or underneath, refrigerator coils are one of the hardest working parts of the appliance and are often forgotten. Keeping them clean by vacuuming them at least once a year, will keep them from having to work overtime keeping things cool. 
  • Seals – Making sure the rubber seal around the refrigerator doors is clean and in-tact is key to a longer-lasting frig. If the seal is cracked, brittle, or coming loose, cool air from inside the refrigerator could easily escape, making it work harder overall.
  • Drip pan – Didn’t know your refrigerator had a drip pan? Many people don’t. That’s because it’s hidden underneath, collecting condensation and food particles. Empty and clean your drip pan every three to four months.
  • …for more refrigerator maintenance tips, visit Home Sweet Solutions.

Here’s hoping the next refrigerator we haul away is truly ready for the junk pile. If it is time to say farewell to your once-trusty frig, you know the one to call for a fast and easy haul!

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Avoiding Paint Pains

paint cansYou can imagine that being in the junk removal business, we’ve seen a WHOLE lot of junk, in many forms and quantities. There’s the abandoned house or apartment filled with anything from furniture to picture frames, all of which needs clearing out. Then there’s the old refrigerator that a customer has ‘been meaning to get rid of’ for years. You can imagine what kind of rust those bad boys collect over time. And then there’s the well-known garage or shed clean out, for folks that have finally come to terms with saying goodbye to the mountain of nonsense they thought might some day come in ‘handy’. Yes, we’ve seen it all. And if there’s one item that always seems to get left out of the mix when deciding what is junk and what is worth keeping, it’s paint cans.

Think about it. How many paint cans do you have lying in or around your home? Remember when you painted the guest bedroom that perfect shade of navy blue? Even though the walls were perfectly coated, and there was only about an inch left in the can, you decided to hold onto in just in case you needed to retouch something down the road. That’s all well and good, until you’ve done that with the leftover paint from every room in your house and you now have a museum of  mostly-empty paint cans, taking up space.

I know, I know, paint can be expensive so you figured you’d hold onto it JUST IN CASE. It makes sense, really it does. But think back to the last house you lived in and how many of those JUST IN CASE cans you were left with when it was time to move. Never used another drop did you?

Here’s a tip. Go to your shed or garage right now and jot down the brand and color name of every paint can you find. If over half of the paint is still in the can, think about how you could use it so it doesn’t go to waste. Otherwise, set all the mostly empty (and most likely completely dried up) cans aside, and call Mr. Junk. We’ll haul away all those unwanted cans in a flash, giving you extra storage space for things that are actually WORTH keeping around!

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Junk Removal: One Bag At A Time

I was searching for some great tips on how to de-clutter your home when I came across an interesting concept. One blogger gave herself the challenge of clearing out the unwanted junk in her house by filling 40 bags in 40 days. It may seem like a lot but by the end of the 40 days she had a complete list of 40 places around her house where she was able to fill a bag with unwanted junk! It got me thinking of what a great idea it is to de-clutter your house based on individual areas. Not only will it make the task of cleaning your whole house seem a little more manageable but you’ll probably avoid missing some things you may have before!

To give you an idea of how to easily section off your house, I came up with a list to use in my own home! I’m confident that I could use some quality junk removal in each of these areas in my house.

  1. pantry
  2. under the kitchen sink
  3. refrigerator
  4. spice cupboard
  5. office desk
  6. our closet
  7. the kids’ closet
  8. playroom
  9. under the master bathroom sink
  10. under the guest/kids’ bathroom sink
  11. entertainment center drawers
  12. cookbook cupboard
  13. entry way closet
  14. my car
  15. spouse’s car
  16. garage
  17. tool shed

So my list didn’t reach 40, but you can bet my home will be much less cluttered by the time I’m done visiting each area!

As always when you’re done compiling all that unwanted junk, give Mr. Junk a call and we’ll haul it away for you no matter what the size!

How many areas can you separate your house into when it comes to clearing out unwanted junk?


Carpet Today, Gone Tomorrow

I can speak from experience that when you have a pile of unwanted carpet lying around in your garage or back yard, it is definitely like the elephant in the room. Even though it’s out of the house and out of your hair, until you are fully rid of an old grungy carpet, it will always haunt you.

That’s where Mr. Junk steps in.

You’ve made the decision to get rid of the carpet in your home, whether it’s just a single room, because your 5 year old decided it needed more ‘color’ with the help of a few bottles of your wife’s nail polish, or the entire house. What must go must GO and to save some extra cash you tear it up yourself. Things went swimmingly but now you have a mountain of carpet taking up space and no way to get rid of it yourself. You are still worried about having someone come to remove it for you because you’ve worked with companies in the past that charge and arm and a leg for their service.

At Mr. Junk we know how important it is to clear out your unwanted junk without breaking the bank. That’s why we are the only junk removal company in the Atlanta area with NO minimum requirement. So whether we are hauling away one rooms worth of carpet, or enough to fill an entire dumpster, you’re guaranteed to get a great rate. Our team is reliable, fast, and set on making things easier for you.

So before you waste your own time and money with another high-priced company, give Mr. Junk a call and see what fantastic service at a fantastic price really is. And then bid that nasty carpet farewell… it will soon be out of the way for good!


Marietta Refrigerator Removal

refrigeratorSo you weren’t expecting the world to make it past 12-21-12 so you didn’t bother getting rid of all the moldy food in your refrigerator and now it’s taken over the whole thing. Ok, I’ll admit that’s a stretch, but for whatever the reason some of you may be scratching your heads trying to figure out what to do with that old refrigerator.

You don’t have the means to haul it and quite frankly, you don’t have the time or energy either. You can’t justify renting a truck for a single item, large though it may be, but you’re sick and tired of seeing it sitting out in the garage. You’re not even sure where you’d take it if you could haul it away!

Have no fear, Mr. Junk is here!

We understand that the idea of getting rid of your old refrigerator is a daunting task, and for good reason. They are bulky, heavy, and could cause some serious physical damage if not handled properly. Plus, refrigerators contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment so it’s important that you dispose of them properly. Mr. Junk knows exactly how to handle your refrigerator removal and can be in and out of your driveway faster than you can say moldy cheese.

So if you’re in the Marietta area and are sick of staring at that old hunk of junk as it takes up space in your garage, give Mr. Junk a call today and we’ll haul it right away!

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Thinking Ahead for Holiday Clean Up

You may not have a house filled with ‘junk’ just yet, but we all know it’s coming. If you think back to years past, when this time of year rolls around you are pretty much guaranteed that the amount of junk in your house will double if not triple!

just keep the cat OUT of the junk pile!

just keep the cat OUT of the junk pile!

The obvious bits of additional junk will come in the form of boxes, wrapping paper, old decorations, and perhaps a tree or two. But what about the junk you don’t exactly ‘expect’. Take, for example, that rug in the living room that sadly met it’s demise when Aunt Marge knocked over her 5th glass of red wine during the annual game of family Pictionary. Or what about the new ottoman that your cousin’s puppy mistook for a chew toy.  And let’s not forget about the family roasting pan that spent one too many hours in an oven no one realized was on.

See what I mean? Most of the junk you’ll collect this holiday season isn’t even on your radar yet! So, why not save yourself the hassle of trying to book your junk removal last minute and schedule a clean up with the Mr. Junk team now! Let’s say you’ll have decorations down and relatives out of the house by January 5. Well then by George, that’s when we’ll be there, ready and eager to help clear out your holiday junk and get you on the road to a junk-free 2013.  Sounds like a plan!

Call Mr. Junk today to schedule your junk pick up. You tell us about your junk and we’ll give you a quote, and there is NO minimum amount required!

Happy Holidays from the Mr. Junk team. Your Metro Atlanta junk removal experts.

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Junk Removal At Its Finest: Before and After

Every now and then we like to show off some of our favorite before and after photos! We know the idea of having someone else come out just to remove your junk can seem like an excessive and unnecessary cost, but after you take a look of these before and after pictures of a driveway clean up job, you may see how beneficial a junk removal service like Atlanta’s very own Mr. Junk really is.

 This particular client had quite the collection of JUNK in her driveway! Like many people, what started as a few things set out to take to the dump turned into an unmanageable mess that needed a little extra TLC. Enter Mr. Junk!junk junk

Things are clearing up…


loaded and ready to go!


Final product.
junkThis client was thrilled with the work we did and couldn’t deny that she was feeling quite overwhelmed before we stopped by. There is always SOMETHING going on in your life that will continuously keep clearing out your unwanted to junk on the back burner. Sometimes you need a PRO to come take care of it for you. Then you can finally check it off that never-ending TO DO list. Goodbye stress. Goodbye junk!