Junk Removal: One Bag At A Time

I was searching for some great tips on how to de-clutter your home when I came across an interesting concept. One blogger gave herself the challenge of clearing out the unwanted junk in her house by filling 40 bags in 40 days. It may seem like a lot but by the end of the 40 days she had a complete list of 40 places around her house where she was able to fill a bag with unwanted junk! It got me thinking of what a great idea it is to de-clutter your house based on individual areas. Not only will it make the task of cleaning your whole house seem a little more manageable but you’ll probably avoid missing some things you may have before!

To give you an idea of how to easily section off your house, I came up with a list to use in my own home! I’m confident that I could use some quality junk removal in each of these areas in my house.

  1. pantry
  2. under the kitchen sink
  3. refrigerator
  4. spice cupboard
  5. office desk
  6. our closet
  7. the kids’ closet
  8. playroom
  9. under the master bathroom sink
  10. under the guest/kids’ bathroom sink
  11. entertainment center drawers
  12. cookbook cupboard
  13. entry way closet
  14. my car
  15. spouse’s car
  16. garage
  17. tool shed

So my list didn’t reach 40, but you can bet my home will be much less cluttered by the time I’m done visiting each area!

As always when you’re done compiling all that unwanted junk, give Mr. Junk a call and we’ll haul it away for you no matter what the size!

How many areas can you separate your house into when it comes to clearing out unwanted junk?


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