Carpet Today, Gone Tomorrow

I can speak from experience that when you have a pile of unwanted carpet lying around in your garage or back yard, it is definitely like the elephant in the room. Even though it’s out of the house and out of your hair, until you are fully rid of an old grungy carpet, it will always haunt you.

That’s where Mr. Junk steps in.

You’ve made the decision to get rid of the carpet in your home, whether it’s just a single room, because your 5 year old decided it needed more ‘color’ with the help of a few bottles of your wife’s nail polish, or the entire house. What must go must GO and to save some extra cash you tear it up yourself. Things went swimmingly but now you have a mountain of carpet taking up space and no way to get rid of it yourself. You are still worried about having someone come to remove it for you because you’ve worked with companies in the past that charge and arm and a leg for their service.

At Mr. Junk we know how important it is to clear out your unwanted junk without breaking the bank. That’s why we are the only junk removal company in the Atlanta area with NO minimum requirement. So whether we are hauling away one rooms worth of carpet, or enough to fill an entire dumpster, you’re guaranteed to get a great rate. Our team is reliable, fast, and set on making things easier for you.

So before you waste your own time and money with another high-priced company, give Mr. Junk a call and see what fantastic service at a fantastic price really is. And then bid that nasty carpet farewell… it will soon be out of the way for good!


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