Recycled Junk For Valentines?

Have you ever wondered if you could use some of the old junk in your house for craft ideas? The team at Mr Junk decided to research some ideas for Recycled Junk for Valentines gifts this year. We love using Pinterest (an online book marking site) for ideas and inspiration. And we were thrilled when we typed in Recycled Junk Valentines  to find there were some cute pins to choose from. Here are our top two favorites.

Man Candy: Recycled Valentines Candy Box covered with duct tape filled with your man’s favorite snacks. This project takes a staple in everyone’s home duct tape, and creates a fun manly Valentine using recycled candy boxes. English: Duct Tape

Woven Heart Card: This sweet Valentine Card is made out of junk mail. This is a great way to recycle all those colorful ads everyone gets way too many of in the mail.

Cupid’s Bow and Arrow: American On-Site Portable Storage found this idea by searching for recycled valentines. Our team found a larger group of ideas to chose from with this search term and was thrilled that one of them lead us to a blog with 3 more great ideas. We picked the Cupid’s Bow and Arrow to include in our list of favorites because of the three it is the most simple. You just need tooth picks and jumbo papers clips,some paper and string.

Click on the live link on each of the ideas to find detailed instructions for each idea.  When you use your junk to recycle and make pretty Valentines out of them you are not only making a thoughtful and inexpensive  present for those you love, but you are also making the planet just a little greener. If you discover at the end of the project that you are still under too much junk to enjoy your home you can contact us for an estimate to remove it.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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