Easy Projects to Get Your Home Organized

Are you looking for some easy ways to stay organized this year? Here are some Easy Projects to Get Your Home Organized from the team at  Mr Junk Removal.

Secret Storage:  One way to make unsightly storage underneath your table or desk disappear is to add a skirt around the edge that runs all the way to the floor. You will need storage bins with drawers and can even use plastic storage containers to keep the mess off the top of the tables.Once the table curtain is installed your items will be put away neatly and hidden behind a pretty piece of fabric. You can even hem the fabric in a favorite coordinating fabric for a designer look if you are handy with a sewing machine.

1882 Drafting Kit

Charging Station: You can re-purpose an old tool box or wooden box into a charging station for all the gadgets in your home. Just drill a hole in the side of the box large enough for cords or multiple cords. Place a plug strip inside the box and run the cord through the hole. Cut a board and to fit inside the box and drill holes inside the board large enough for the end of your charger cords to fit through. Run the charger cords through the holes in the board and plug them into the strip. Once you’ve plugged the strip in you can begin charging multiple gadgets all in one convenient location in your home.

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