Thinking Ahead for Holiday Clean Up

You may not have a house filled with ‘junk’ just yet, but we all know it’s coming. If you think back to years past, when this time of year rolls around you are pretty much guaranteed that the amount of junk in your house will double if not triple!

just keep the cat OUT of the junk pile!

just keep the cat OUT of the junk pile!

The obvious bits of additional junk will come in the form of boxes, wrapping paper, old decorations, and perhaps a tree or two. But what about the junk you don’t exactly ‘expect’. Take, for example, that rug in the living room that sadly met it’s demise when Aunt Marge knocked over her 5th glass of red wine during the annual game of family Pictionary. Or what about the new ottoman that your cousin’s puppy mistook for a chew toy.  And let’s not forget about the family roasting pan that spent one too many hours in an oven no one realized was on.

See what I mean? Most of the junk you’ll collect this holiday season isn’t even on your radar yet! So, why not save yourself the hassle of trying to book your junk removal last minute and schedule a clean up with the Mr. Junk team now! Let’s say you’ll have decorations down and relatives out of the house by January 5. Well then by George, that’s when we’ll be there, ready and eager to help clear out your holiday junk and get you on the road to a junk-free 2013.  Sounds like a plan!

Call Mr. Junk today to schedule your junk pick up. You tell us about your junk and we’ll give you a quote, and there is NO minimum amount required!

Happy Holidays from the Mr. Junk team. Your Metro Atlanta junk removal experts.

photo from flickr: ceemarie

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