Top Junk Removal Jobs

spring landscaping debris removalAt Mr. Junk, we’re no strangers to getting our hands dirty. Our team has years of practice hauling the strangest stuff, from giant safes and rotting hot tubs to clothes on the fence after a tenant was evicted. No job is too big, small, or difficult to handle for our professional Alpharetta junk haulers. Here are a few of our messiest jobs over the years.

Cleaning Up After Tenants: Not only did these renters leave behind clothes and furniture, they left a fridge full of food in the driveway! Instead of wasting a weekend hauling it away, the landlord called Mr. Junk and had the problem solved in a jiffy.

Whole Home Clean-Out: When we say, “no job too big,” we say it from experience. This week-long job last year meant cleaning out an entire house and yard. Luckily the Mr. Junk team was up to the task.

Tree Trimming and Yard Debris: Whether you’re dealing with debris after a storm or a tree service with no clean up, Mr. Junk excels at cleaning up yard debris. Give us a call to remove shrubs, tree branches, or old lawn furniture.

Garage Clean-Out: Sometimes a mess is more than a mess. When a concerned customer called, we jumped in the truck to take care of a rat infestation caused by piled up junk. No more debris, no more places to hide.

It’s a Dirty Job: Mr. Junk is the only junk removal service that pays attention to the smallest details. We don’t just haul unwanted items; we also stay to clean up afterwards. This job had cabinets full of roach dust from a resident who could no longer care for such a big house. We removed old furniture and appliances, then swept away the leftover messes from years of accumulated dirt.

Need a hand hauling old junk? We offer same-day junk removal for most projects. If you need help cleaning up the home, yard, or office, call Mr. Junk for fast, dependable, customer-oriented service.

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