Rat Problem Solved by Mr Junk

In this post Mr Junk highlights a few before and after pictures of garage in house from a recent customer call. We had a new customer who had just bought a new house about year and half ago and was a little slow about getting rid of the junk and food trash she didn’t want. Rats and or mice have been through everything with a lot of rat droppings in every part of the garage. The homeowner discovered this and knew how unhealthy these droppings are and called us to help solve her problem with our junk removal services.



Once we arrived we found that there were 12 pack boxes of soda never opened that had no or very little soda left in them. That’s a first for our team! We have cleaned out plenty of junk and not seen anything like this before. Either the rats chewed the the bottles or they might have leaked from the heat over time. Our team added this to the list of strange, or weird junk removal situations that we sometimes experience in our line of work.

Hauling off the Junk

Hauling off the Junk

We haul everything away for the customer. That way the only thing the customer has to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. We make sure from the beginning to the very end of the junk removal process the job is completed to the customers complete satisfaction.

Rat Problem Solved After

Rat Problem Solved – After Photo

As you can see from the after image (above) we cleaned everything out thoroughly. We removed all the trash, debris, junk and garbage, but we also make sure that the place is also clean when we leave. Our team sweeps out and  mops up to be sure it’s not only junk free but disinfected to kill all the germs too! We want it to be as clean as if it was our own home when we are finished.

Sometimes junk is more than just a pile of mess in your way. The health hazards that are associated with rat droppings are numerous!  When the signs of rodents begin to appear inside your home or garage and use your junk to nest in, it’s time to call on Mr Junk  for junk removal service in Canton, GA to solve that problem fast!


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