Stop Tripping Over Old Furniture

As Americans, we gather a lot of junk. Some of us still have floor lamps and futons from our college days, while others can’t resist snatching up deals on four different bed frames at local garage sales. Too much furniture can take over the house — and cost you more in storage than you paid for the furniture. Learn when to get rid of furniture with these guidelines.

4 Signs It’s Time to Get Rid of Furniture

  1. There’s no place for it in the house. In this country we have the habit of holding onto things “in case I need it someday.” Which more or less means shelling out money for storage until we decide, years down the line, that we really don’t need that living room set after all. If there’s no place for a piece of furniture in your home, do yourself a favor and haul it away.
  2. torn upholstery on couchIt’s structurally unsound. Does that bench wobble whenever you sit on it? Does the TV cabinet threaten to come crashing down, destroying your flatscreen? If a piece of furniture is structurally unsound, get rid of it ASAP.
  3. It doesn’t have history. So you have too much furniture, and no way to sort through what goes and what stays. Here’s an easy question: Where did it come from? Chances are your kids would rather inherit a dining set that came from their grandmother than one their parents found in a furniture warehouse.
  4. It’s a DIY failure. We start DIYs with the best of intentions, but most of us have trouble letting go. If your furniture renewal went awry, don’t leave it half-done in the garage, promising to “fix it someday.” Call Mr. Junk and get your clean, DIY workspace back.

Mr. Junk hauls furniture from homes in Roswell. We charge by the truckspace, with no minimum pickup fee. Call and schedule your furniture removal today.

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