10 Steps to a Better Yard Sale

Fall creates that sweet spot between summer heat and holiday stress that makes September and October perfect for Atlanta junk removal. And what better way to clean out your garage and declutter your closets than to transform your clutter into cash? Get those folding tables ready and stock up on poster board; we’re giving you 10 helpful tips for a successful garage sale.

  1. yard saleStart with a Checklist. Lists are not only helpful for making inventories of your yard sale items, they’re also a great way to get started. Use a template garage sale list or create your own for more effective junk removal.
  2. Advertise. Set a date and spread the word. Advertising around town, in the newspaper, and on Craig’s List is the first step in a successful garage sale.
  3. Organize by Size. Keep larger merchandise separate from smaller ones to minimize disorganization and lost items. The clusters will keep your sale from getting as jumbled as your garage was.
  4. Categorize. Make large signs to advertise different areas. Try headings like “toys,” “furniture,” “appliances,” and “linens.” Or organize by use, making a poster for each room of the house.
  5. Price Everything. Organize little items into bins, ticket the big stuff, and make signs for bulky merchandise. Forgetting to label your old junk only creates confusion for your customer.
  6. Item Information. Selling an item with an unusual price, historical value, or a cool story? Include note cards with relevant information.
  7. Consign Expensive Items. Your trash may be someone else’s treasure, but most yard sale buyers aren’t going to purchase big-ticket items. If you’re removing antique or expensive furniture, set it away to sell online or at a local consignment store.
  8. Free Pile. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Giving away inexpensive or difficult to sell items will free space in your yard and generate goodwill, making your appliances and furniture easier to sell.
  9. Enlist Help. Find friends and family who are willing to help out. Sorting, pricing, and selling are time consuming ventures, and it’s hard to haul old junk when you’re organizing a garage sale alone.
  10. Make It Fun. An engaging atmosphere is the key to clearing away old stuff. Have fun with your customers and your helpers to make casting off clutter calming.

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