3 Tips for an Easier Move

There’s nothing more stressful than moving, whether you’re relocating across town or moving across the country. In addition to the stress of learning a new area, calling cable and internet companies to transfer services, and making sure you’re squared away with your real estate agent, most people wind up taking time off work to tackle chores they’d rather put off. Instead of stressing about your relocation, try these 3 tips for an easier move.

3 Smart Moving Tips

  1. carrying moving boxesPack with a plan. Everyone’s been there: you got into a packing frenzy two weekends ago, and now you’re stuck digging through boxes for the colander so you can make pasta. Next time, plan your packing spree before you begin. Start in places like the attic or the garage, creating a junk pile for that aren’t worth the hassle of moving. Then pack up garden tools and outdoor equipment. Finally, tackle your indoor spaces, leaving items like kitchen equipment and cleaning supplies for last. Trust us, you’ll need them.
  2. Don’t pack the closet. After all, why create hours of extra work for yourself? Instead of unhanging, packing, and later re-hanging a closet full of clothes, ask your movers to bring a garment rack for their truck. Moving yourself? Grab a few spare laundry baskets and fold in your clothes, hangers and all. When you get to your new place, all you have to do is pick up a stack and hang them in your new closet. Voila! Hours of work saved and an instant homey feel.
  3. Switch utilities ASAP. As soon as you establish your moving date, schedule the switch for utilities like water and electricity. Make an appointment with a cable provider to install wifi at the new place, especially if you’re working from home during the transition. Cable companies often schedule appointments weeks in advance, and the last thing you need is the stress of working in a coffee shop environment in the interim.

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