Save Money on Your Move

In the current housing market, most homeowners hardly need to hang a ‘For Sale’ sign before they’re signing over the deed and moving to a new home. After 8 years in the gutter, the real estate market is thriving again. Folks across Atlanta are packing up and heading to new homes, new cities, or even new states. But just because the market is rising doesn’t mean the cost of moving has gone down. Save money on your move with these tips from Mr. Junk.

3 Ways to Save Money When Moving

  1. moving boxesDe-Junk the House. Most moving companies charge based on how much weight or space you take up in the truck. Minimize on moving costs (and wasted time) by getting rid of the furniture, appliances, and memorabilia you forgot you owned.
  2. Don’t buy boxes. No matter how few you need, the cost of boxes piles up fast. Instead of buying new ones, ask for old boxes from friends and coworkers who have recently relocated. If you can’t scrounge together a large enough supply from your immediate circle, stop by grocery stores, liquor stores, or clothing stores, who receive merchandise shipments regularly. Most will donate boxes if you ask; if not, there’s no shame in cruising alleys behind stores to find boxes stacked by the dumpster.
  3. Check the calendar. You can save a lot by moving on a schedule. Moving prices drop drastically in the fall and winter. If you can’t wait that long, make sure to monitor utility bill cycles and storage rental fees. Discontinue services at the end of a payment cycle to avoid paying extra for unused time.

When it comes to moving, time is money. Save the stress of hauling unwanted junk to the local donation center by calling Mr. Junk before your move.

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