Things to Throw Away…Right Now

You don’t have to wait for spring-cleaning to take control of your home clutter. We all have junk we cling to, despite knowing it’s just taking up space. Before you begin an outdoor clean out or a home storage overhaul, toss these 10 things no one needs.

  1. canned foodAnything expired. Check canned food, vitamins and medicine, and last summer’s sunscreen. Dump anything that’s expired.
  2. Old renovation junk. Aging paint, old cabinets, and rusting tools should hit the curb.
  3. Clothes that don’t fit. No matter how well you stick to your January gym resolutions, if you haven’t worn it in over a year, it’s time to let it go.
  4. Forgotten files. Outdated paperwork, receipts, and research belong in the recycle bin.
  5. Retro electronics. No, you will never find a use for your collection of cassette tapes. Recycle old cell phones, VHS players, and other electronics.
  6. Fixer Upers. DIY projects can freshen up your space, but if you’ve got a garage full of chipping coffee tables, it’s time to purge.
  7. Toys and baby clothes. If your kids have outgrown it and there are no babies on the way, it’s probably junk. Keep sentimental toys and donate the rest to charity.
  8. Perfume and makeup. Just like food and medicine, beauty products have an expiration date. If it’s over a year old, it’s time to toss it.
  9. Magazines. Don’t waste a cabinet to store articles about old news. Clip your favorite stories and recycle magazines over two months old.
  10. Junk. We all have a junk drawer we’d rather not admit to (or, frankly, open). Save the scissors and a pen or two, and toss the rest in the recycle bin.

Call Mr Junk to remove old furniture, boxes of books, and other clutter you’re ready to cart off. We donate or recycle the junk we haul from your home, so both you and your stuff can have a fresh start.

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