Health Benefits of a Clean Home

Cleaning the house often seems like a thankless task. Dusting, scrubbing, and decluttering seem to last about as long as it takes to put away the cleaning supplies. But cleaning and decluttering are about more than keeping your home polished to impress the neighbors. Before you give up, check out these health benefits of having a clean home.

Health Benefits of a Clean House

  1. girl in bathSanitation. Okay, this one’s a gimme. Homeowners know they can’t give up cleaning, and for most people, bacteria is the #1 reason. Cleaning with disinfectants reduces bacteria, keeping you and your family healthy.
  2. Reducing allergies. Dust mites, pet dander, and roaches are common allergies, and nothing reduces allergens like keeping the house clean. If you suffer bad allergies, look into removing carpeting, which can collect allergens in its fibers. Decluttering is also a great way to reduce allergies. Roach dust and other debris tends to collect in drawers, on shelves, and around trinkets. Reduce the amount of junk in your home, and your sinuses will thank you for it.
  3. Minimizing stress. Not only is cleaning a good stress reducer, having a clean home also does wonders for your stress levels. Having an organized home also means finding things more easily, which leads to less daily stress (especially when you’re running out the door).
  4. Discourages pests. Pests like warm, damp environments and are often attracted to trash, food, and dirty spaces. By keeping everything clean and in its place, you can keep your house from looking like a free buffet to critters and creepy crawlies.

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