Moving In and Out of Self-Storage

self storage unitsSelf-storage seems pretty straightforward. You haul furniture, appliances, and boxes to the storage facility, pay them until you’re ready to reclaim your stuff, then move it to your new home. Self-storage can seriously reduce stress when moving homes, especially if the move out date and move in date don’t sync. But believe it or not, you’re probably doing it wrong. Get ahead of the moving game with these tips on how to conquer self-storage.

Moving In

  • Choose a secure storage facility with good ratings
  • Wrap everything you can to protect your stuff from dust, bugs, and mildew
  • Use pallets to keep your stuff off the floor, which could collect puddles in bad weather
  • Invite family and friends to help with the move (and treat them to pizza afterwards)
  • Make the most of your space by planning how to store each item, tetris style
  • Plan for the humidity of Georgia summers by carefully sealing anything that may warp in moist air
  • Label everything–trust us
  • Beef up security by using a heavy padlock that bolt cutters can’t slice through

The Self-Storage Sweet Spot

It’s easy to forget how cluttered our day-to-day lives can get. Once the extra junk is safely tucked away, many homeowners find they like the minimalist feel of their new lives. But they’re connected to their stuff, too. The result? Instead of unpacking that self-storage unit once their new home is ready, they . . . delay. And pay. Some homeowners pay for years of self-storage they don’t need. If you’re dragging your feet on unpacking the storage unit, take stock of what you have. Store a few heirloom pieces in the garage or attic, but make a point to pass on other furniture and appliances to friends, family, and people in need.

Moving Out

  • Give the storage facility a heads up
  • Don’t wait until the last rental day to move out–it’s not worth the stress
  • Have a plan for where to move most items, whether it’s into a new home or straight to a donation center
  • Leave no item (or spill) behind. The storage facility may tack on fees for that spilled paint can or forgotten box

Don’t know what to do with that couch you don’t need? Call Mr. Junk to clean out your storage unit.

Self Storage

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