Take the Stress Out of Moving

No matter how much you’re looking forward to that beachside retirement condo or converted studio apartment downtown, moving is never fun. Not only does it take up time and energy, it’s often a reminder of all the things we’ve let slip. Old hobbies, forgotten gifts, and coupons from Christmases past come back to haunt us when movers come to call. As we approach National Moving Month, it’s time to focus on the long game.

National Moving Month

Roughly 35 million Americans relocate annually, a number which peaks in the summer season. The busiest months for moving are July and August, but the number starts climbing in late April. May is National Moving Month, an initiative to educate movers about the pitfalls of relocating residences. Many scammers take advantage of the stress of moving, costing homeowners time, money, and property damage. But by thinking ahead, homeowners can settle into their new homes swiftly and safely.

How to Guarantee a Great Move

  1. moving boxesResearch. If you’re using movers, do your homework. Make sure the company is licensed and verified. Look up online reviews to see how the movers handle furniture, heirlooms, and breakables. Get multiple estimates, and make sure to get it in writing. Moving companies are notorious for tacking on added fees (and some will even hold your stuff hostage until you pay).
  2. Plan. It’s easy to let moving get away from you, but procrastinating only costs you time, money, and a truckload of stress. Don’t wait until the last of the month to clean out storage units or pack up your apartment.
  3. Get ahead of the game. Unless you’re planning the world’s most stressful move, you probably know the floor plan of your new home. Think ahead to what furniture will fit into the new space. Sort as you pack, boxing up clutter that’s better left behind. Then call Mr. Junk to clear the air before the movers come tromping through.
  4. Trust no one. No matter how highly rated a moving company is, they’re not worth risking Grandma’s china. Take inventory of priceless items and find the time to move them yourself.

Mr. Junk makes your move easier than ever. Call our junk removal service to clean out your home, garage, or storage unit before a move.

Moving Day

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