Refresh the Guest Room for the Holidays

clean bedroomWith Christmas just around the corner, your to-do list probably grows two sizes each day. From Christmas shopping to decorating, planning holiday meals to cleaning up the house, the holiday season brings a sleigh load of responsibility with the requisite goodwill and cheer. If you’re stressing about this year’s holiday guests, have no fear. Mr. Junk has the secret to refreshing the guest bedroom before Santa’s sleigh appears.

How to Refresh the Guest Room for the Holidays

  1. Clean it Out. We hate to say it, but your mom will definitely notice that you’ve turned the guest closet into a catch-all for your latest craft project. Before the guests arrive, get rid of any junk that may get in the way during their stay. Relocate unused items that are just taking up space. Better yet, realize that they aren’t going anywhere, and make the call to haul.
  2. Stock up. Guests don’t want to trip over that dresser you never refinished, but they shouldn’t be left in an empty space either. Before the holidays, stock the guest room with fresh linens and towels, shampoo, bath soap, and other necessities your guests many need during their stay.
  3. Make their stay a holiday. Leave visiting family and friends with the sense that they’re truly experiencing a holiday vacation. Create a welcoming atmosphere by replacing dim lights, moving a loveseat from the living room to the foot of the bed, and providing plenty of throw blankets to keep them warm, inside and out.
  4. The finishing touch. Want to really blow away your holiday guests? Personalize the guest room with a scented candle they love or a book they’ve been meaning to read. They’ll appreciate the little gestures (and cut you more slack when the Christmas Eve ham takes 2 hours too long).

Prepping your home for the holidays? Start fresh. Call Mr. Junk to haul unwanted items from your home and storage spaces this Christmas.

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