Upcycle It, Or Recycle It?

DIY projects are all the range these days. Pinterest boards, upcycling blogs, and junk saver TV shows make turning trash into treasures look simple. Renovating old junk could give you a unique new centerpiece for your home, or it could be a waste of time and energy. Mr Junk is sharing our three favorite ways to fix up old junk . . . and which items you should just throw away.

3 Simple Ways to Upcycle Junk

  1. DIY painting projectPaint it. No matter how outdated a piece of furniture may be, there’s no better update than a fresh coat of paint. Add a dramatic flair to plain rooms by painting boring pieces bright, unexpected colors. Clean up chipping antiques by sanding away old paint and replacing it with a smooth, neutral tone.
  2. Reinvent it. Have a collection of useless antique bowls? How about a drawer full of mismatched dresser knobs you’ve collected over the years? Before tossing out seemingly useless items, try repurposing them. Attach old dresser handles to a 2×4 board to create a shabby chic jewelry holder and use extra dishes to store small, easily lost items.
  3. Move it. Tired of the trash can in your bathroom? Reuse decorative trash bins by turning them into planters on your porch. Can’t bring yourself to throw away old shutters? Repaint them and turn them into a unique headboard in the guest bedroom.

When It’s Time to Junk It

No matter how crafty you get, some things are beyond saving. If you have junk that’s broken, has sharp edges, or is beginning to rot, it’s best to toss it. Pick your favorite pieces of junk to upcycle and recycle what you can’t restore.

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