Bid Adieu to Cramped Living Quarters

Unless you’re willing to invest in some serious renovations, there’s nothing you can do about the size of your house. People living in small homes and apartments face the constant struggle to make their living spaces feel more open, roomy, and bright. Banish that cluttered feeling with these 5 tips to make your home feel larger.

5 Ways to Open Up a Room

  1. bedroom in neutral tonesPaint it light. Soft, light colors buoy the eye, making rooms feel brighter and bigger. Use light colors and neutrals on the walls and floors to open up the room. For added effect, dress up the windows with light-colored, translucent curtains and paint the room’s trim to match the walls.
  2. Draw the eye upward. Painting the trim the same color as the walls is one way to fake taller ceilings. What’s another? Hang curtain rods several inches above the frame. This will draw the eye upward, making windows seem larger than they are. You can also extend the rod to either side of the frame, making the window seem broader, too.
  3. Use the mirror trick. Hanging mirrors isn’t about vanity. Mirrors reflect light, making smaller rooms feel more spacious than they actually are. For best effect, choose a large mirror (or several) and place them opposite a wall without much adornment.
  4. Store smart. In smaller homes, storage is hard to come by. Unfortunately, many renters wind up creating storage space with large, unsightly cabinets and shelves. Make storage work for you by finding airy pieces to pull double duty, like an open-design end table with a light wicker basket on the bottom shelf. Add to the airy atmosphere by installing hanging shelves instead of more grounded pieces of furniture, which will only make the room feel heavy and small.
  5. Ditch the mess. The more junk you have, the more cluttered your house will feel. If you’re struggling to store years of junk in closets two feet deep, it’s time to reassess the stuff you’re trying to store. Sort your stuff, haul away the junk, and reorganize what’s left for a home that feels large and open (even if it’s not).

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Neutral Room Image from Flickr

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