Show Off that Front Curb!

Curb appeal does more than give homeowners pride in a job well done. Curb appeal helps homeowners make friends with the neighbors, sell their homes faster, and even boost property value by up to 10%.

At Mr. Junk, we’re happy to help homeowners haul their unwanted junk from the home and yard. We’ll haul away old basketball hoops, and even small debris from bigger junk items, like paperclips spilled from an old desk drawer. And unlike most junk removal companies, we even stay to sweep up afterwards! See for yourself how junk removal can transform your home.

junk in the yardPost Junk Haul

Messy Curb After the Haul

Have a big haul job, but don’t want to get your hands dirty? Call in the professionals! Mr. Junk offers same-day junk removal and no minimum pickup charge.

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