How to Create Curb Appeal (in Any Season)

fast junk removal serviceChristmas infuses home exteriors with a merry dash of wonder that’s often lacking once the new year is underway. With the grey skies, brown lawns, and changing temperatures of January and beyond, it’s easy to give up on winter home improvement. But updating your home exterior for the new year is easier than you think. Increase your winter curb appeal with these 5 tips from Mr Junk.

  1. Clean it up. Your yard will never reach it’s full potential if it’s filled with downed tree branches, old Christmas decorations, and junk that didn’t fit in the gardening shed. Do a full front yard clean out to make your landscape winter-worthy.
  2. Trim, trim, trim. Want your yard to look as fresh and inviting as it does every spring? Don’t use the cooler season as an excuse to shirk your garden maintenance responsibilities. It’s incredible how quickly a little pruning and trimming can transform a garden from ragged to resplendent.
  3. Get festive. Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean your yard has to be boring. Decorate your garden for winter with twinkle lights, shiny garden ornaments, and winter holiday decor.
  4. Update your home exterior. Does your winter curb appeal need a boost? It could be as simple as a fresh coat of paint. Transform your yard by adding a pop of color to the front door, house trim, shutters, or porch furniture.

Have you finished your winter garden overhaul? Call Mr Junk to remove organic yard debris, unwanted junk from the tool shed, and Christmas decorations that are past their prime.

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