Fake a Clean House in 5 Easy Steps

We all have that moment of panic: a college friend and her husband are traveling through town and want to stop by. Within the hour. What to do with the clutter, the dust, and the month’s worth of laundry you’ve been meaning to fold?

Stop stressing. We’ve got you covered.

How to Fake a Clean House

  1. Start at the front. No matter who’s popping by or how long they’re staying, the one place they’re guaranteed to see is the foyer. Quickly organize jumbles of shoes, hang fallen coats, and move junk that’s piled up by the door. If you have time, run a swiffer across the floor to give the illusion of cleanliness.
  2. Free the couch from fur. To remove pet fur from upholstery in a hurry, put on rubber cleaning gloves and run your hands over the furniture. As your gloves collect fur, ball it up and throw it away. It’s faster and more efficient than fighting with a lint roller.
  3. Make use of linens. Mask dirty cushions, streaked windows, or disorganized rooms by taking the time to straighten decorative pillows, pull the curtains, and refold throw blankets.
  4. messy closetClose the cabinets. Nothing’s simpler than tossing junk into a cabinet and closing the door. Just don’t forget to come back and organize the clutter later.
  5. Go paperless. Time for the finishing touch. Run through the house, taking down sticky notes, collecting junk mail, and restacking haphazard piles of magazines. Your house will look twice as clean when you’re done.

Ready for the real deal? Call Mr Junk to haul away furniture, appliances, and any old junk you’re ready to remove from your home.

Messy Closet Image from Flickr

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