A Last-Minute Move

Mr Junk is the expert when it comes to moving. We know how to sort the trash from the treasure, the “I will need it someday” items from junk that’s “just taking up space.” If you’re moving from Alpharetta, call Mr Junk to make your load a little lighter.

A Last-Minute Haul

What to do when you run out of time? Call Mr Junk! A local lady recently relocated on an abbreviated timetable. She found herself stuck gathering junk after the new owners of her home had moved in. We found quite a mess of furniture, rugs, trash bags, and packing peanuts on the curb, but we stayed until we picked up every stray piece. We even hunted down the peanuts that the wind had blown across the yard! A spotless yard for both the customer and the home’s new owners, and an easier move all around.

overflowing trash bag junk on the curb tidy curb, post junk removal

As a locally-owned and operated junk removal service, we believe every detail counts. We never leave a site until we’re done, whether that means sweeping, cleaning up debris, or chasing down stray packing peanuts. For the best junk removal service in Alpharetta, call Mr Junk!

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