Merry Christmas from Mr Junk!

merry christmas - mr junkIt’s easy to get wrapped up in the cleaning, shopping, and organization that goes hand in hand with the holiday season. As professional junk haulers we know that no matter how much your child loves that new toy, sooner or later it will find its way to the donation bin. Heirloom Christmas presents come with a rich history and a feeling of love, but it’s the people associated with those antique pieces that turn them into treasures.

This Christmas, relish the feelings that can’t be captured in material possessions. Help your grandmother cook your family’s traditional Christmas Eve feast, clean up wrapping paper so your mom won’t have to, and share your favorite memories from Christmases past. After all, the people who share in Christmas games, merrily crackling fires, and tasty holiday treats are truly the reason for the season.

Mr Junk will be here after the holidays to help you recycle browning Christmas trees, trash broken decorations, and donate boxes of old toys. Until then, relish the blessings of the holiday season.

Merry Christmas, Canton!

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