How to Save on Christmas Gifts

Does the idea of buying Christmas presents send you into a panic spiral? Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with the options and unsure if you’ll find a meaningful gift among the shiny baubles and easily-broken toys that stock store shelves. Maybe you don’t have the funds to finance the Christmas of your child’s dreams. Or you’re simply fed up with consumerism and ready to refocus on the spirit of the season. Whatever your reasons, Mr Junk is here to help. Take your Christmas from overwhelming to meaningful with these low-cost Christmas gift ideas from Mr Junk.

3 Low-Cost Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. Family heirlooms. If you’re looking for a more meaningful Christmas gift this year, look no farther than your attic. It may seem too easy to give your daughter hand-me-down furniture, but the love and history behind the gift only increase its value. Sort through antique couches and tables, heirloom jewelry, and artwork you’ve been storing for that living room redesign that never happens.
  2. yard debris cleanupDIY Gifts. DIY Christmas presents sometimes get a bad rap, but if you put time and effort into the gift, it will be well received. Cut down on Christmas consumerism by getting in touch with your artsy side and giving your family and close friends hand painted Christmas ornaments, refurbished junk furniture, or any one of a million craft ideas from your Pinterest board.
  3. Acts of service. Not a packrat? Not crafty enough for DIY gifts? Acts of service make a wonderful Christmas present for busy moms, working friends, and grandparents who aren’t mobile enough to tend their property as well as they’d like. Clean out your dad’s tool shed, remove those unsightly shrubs your mom always complains about, and help your grandmother sort through her piled up clutter. When you’re done, simply pile the junk in a corner and call Mr Junk to haul away the mess.

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